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in the lives of
 AMAIA Tibetan Terriers

In Chronological order for THE YEARS 2001-2003 

Date Description Image 
October'03 Kiefer earns his Canadian Championship in Norwood ON! N/A
September '03 Penny attends the TTCA National Specialty in Sturbridge Mass with Halle, Amaia and Kiefer. Kiefer earns a 3rd place in his 9-12 mos class; Halle & Amaia participate in the Parade of Champions; both girls compete in the AGILITY Trial where Halle Qualifies in Novice Standard
and places 1st in her class!
September '03 Amaia completes her CKC Intermediate Agility Title
(AG.I.)at St. Lazare PQ! (and adds a second Qualifying
run for good measure! (at 10 1/2 years young!) 
September '03 The TTCC holds its annual BOOSTER in Carp, Ontario.  N/A
August '03 Ivy (Amaia Little Lambsie D'Ivy) attains her Canadian Championship in Long Sault ON! N/A
August '03 Ivy's mama Chari Ti earns her ROM ! (Register of Merit, three champion offspring: Dreamer, Bella, Ivy) N/A
July '03 Following Jo Hannam's resignation, Penny assumes the Presidency of the Tibetan Terrier Club of Canada. N/A
July '03 At Kars ON Halle makes a rare appearance in the showring as a Special, earns BOB and places 4th in Group! N/A
May '03 Lily's son Finnegan becomes a Canadian Champion at Ottawa .  N/A
May '03 In Burlington VT Amaia earns her AKC AGILITY Open Standard title. (OA) N/A
February '03 My friend and mentor Margy Pankiewicz visits to select her Halle puppy. Ditto will fly away riding in a sherpa bag!  (He will be renamed Ziggy, Malishar's Khi Zhi of Amaia) N/A
November '02 Bella achieves her Canadian Championship at 11 mos., handled by Valerie. (CH Amaia Divine Ishabella, Chari Ti x Dak) N/A
November 23 '02 Halle whelps her puppies! Two little boys, white with black patches, soon nicknamed Dot and Ditto! (sire: Malishar's
Si-Mo La Dscho Utra)
October '02 Halle, whom an ultrasound had pronounced NOT pregnant, RE-entered an agility trial at DreamFields and astonished
everyone with three amazing runs, achieving her Novice AAC title in ONE DAY!!! (She had a secret, and clearly it made her feel GOOO-O-D!)
October '02 Little Sally comes back to us at two and a half (wearinga brutally short haircut!) She is renamed Sassy, fits in beautifully, and is REALLY easy to love! (See her page in the Our TT Family Home Gang section) N/A
August '02 At Cato NY Halle achieves her first AKC AGILITY title, Novice Jumpers with Weaves (NAJ)  N/A
July 25,'02 TTCC Annual Specialty, for the first time held 'independently, at The Training Hall in Carp!  N/A
April '02 At Burlington Vermont Amaia completes her AKC Agility Novice Standard title (NA), moves up to Open and Q's in both a Standard
and a Jumpers run.
February ’02 Halle becomes an American Champion!  Image 1
December ’01 Chari Ti has a litter! - Daphne, Bella, Ivy, Kolbi' 
(x  AmCan CH MeTshag Dar Dkar).  

See Gallery for more puppy pics)
Image 1
September ’01 Tibetan Terrrier Club of Canada (TTCC) makes breed clubs’ history & under Penny’s leadership  hosts an Agility Trial at DreamFields, Ashton, Ont.!
(see Gallery for more pictures )
Image 1 Image 2
September ’01 Halle earns her first ever Agility Title!
(see Gallery agility page for more pictures )
Image 1
August ’01 TTCC holds an Eastern ‘Booster’ show in Brockville, Ontario, where Halle wins BOB and a Group IV ! Image 1
August ’01 With her first CKC Agility Performance Title,  Amaia becomes the first female Tibetan Terrier to earn the national club’s VERSATILITY Award! (see Gallery agility page for more pictures ) Image 1
August ’01 Dreamer has a litter !  - Huggins, Hughie, McGee
(x  AmCan CH Malishar’s Gjan Ti Dkar Po)
Image 1 Image 2
June ’01 Flower earns her Canadian Championship ! Image 1


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