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PUPPIES: Four boys, four girls!
D.O.B.: March 11, 2008

Breeder: Penny White, Ottawa area,
(Amaia Tibetans)

Co-breeder: Kevin Grew, Cookstown ON (Colledge Tibetan Terriers)

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Photos by Diane Wynen

Fiesta's Newborn Litter
:: Fiesta's Newborn Litter ::

Fiesta's Litter at One Week Old
:: Fiesta's Litter at One Week Old ::

This is my M litter and their home names will begin with M. This number 8 girl will be called Mira, for Miracle!

Love the last photo, Diane has her tipped up to drain the bubbles and an anxious Fiesta is trying to help...

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Diane still here for a little longer, then it's back to the whelping box for me as supervisor.... I have a few more 'free' minutes while she watches the brood. Fiesta is learning how not to be careless, and pups are learning how to compete for nipples. Luckily of those Fiesta has ten!


CH Samsara Knockout at Colledge  x  CH Samsara Billy the Kid (2004)

CH Colledge Fiesta At Amaia

Samsara’s Wyatt


12/03/08 8:42 am - OMIGOD, Number Eight!

Fiesta is earnest about her role, but she's quite at a loss how to readjust herself with eight squirming little bodies all over the place... the panting continued through last night, and at 2:30 and then 6:30 this a.m. two more placentas were passed... I hope that's it, but I dunno, through the intercom I can here more panting.  A washup today is planned despite how she WON'T want to be gone from the box....

I weighed the gang for first time since their birth, and all had gained between 15 and 30 grams... pretty good for first day when they're really just getting colostrum... Good thing it's all enervating and exciting, because I've slept, I reckon, 4 hours in the last 52!  Thus it goes in the first critical days...  Penny

11/03/08 1:07 pm - OMIGOD, Number Eight!

A MIRACLE save by Diane, me helping and clutching poor mucky Fiesta and urging the contractions Diane was provoking with her fingers up the birth canal, feathering!
Details later, you won't believe it.... she brought the unexpected stuck puppy out, with vaginal feathering and persistence, Fiesta straining and striving, a BIG puppy, she emerged dead and Diane revived her.... we could hear her squeaking in the birth canal when she was stuck... incredibly moving and destined to have a terrible ending...

BUT.... NO! White and black super markings, female!
I took dramatic pics of Diane and Fiesta rubbing her down....

Diane has been such a superstar.... I owe her enormous gratitude...I've never seen a save like this one, never....the pup was head first and sac gone, we were sure she would drown and she virtually did... I'll never forget this, never.... Fiesta exhausted, her contractions weak and the pup large...

Omigod, I am still in shock.... Diane tending mom and brood while I type the news...  back I go now....
Pics much later....
- Penny

11/03/08 10:27 am - Number 7!

A seventh has arrived! Another black-with-white-chest boy! (my specialty again!) WOO-HOO!  Hard work but rewarding days ahead!
- Penny

11/03/08 9:18 am - At First there were Six!

A killer of a night, in total 25 hours of Early Labour, since action i.e. contractions didn't start till close to 7:00 this morning, then they delivered fairly smoothly and fast, Diane caught the whelps, I assisted, oh god, my knees, will I ever walk again?

Scarcely any time to admire or photograph yet, but briefly weights 200g, 180 g, and 4 at 140 g, 3 girls 3 boys, one white with black like Fiesta, 1 probably chocolate, 1 a dark 'brown/' that could be charcoal or dark chocolate, and three black with white chests. (My specialty! )

Relief, and joy, almost too worn out to cope, and have a long day ahead... coffee will help... More later




Amaia's agility runs at 13 

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