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Amaia Tibetans
Date Added

# Photos

Photo/Gallery Description
May, 2002 14 Amusing and Versatile TTs
January 2002 46 New Puppies at Amaia Tibetans (born Dec.6'01)
Photos at Weeks 1-8
December 2001 1 Christmas 2001 Photo
Nov. 1999/Sept. 2001 10 Amaia, Ruffles & Halle Do Agility
November 1998 14 TTs Residing at Amaia Tibetans
April 1997 38 Amaia's Second Litter | Puppy Pictures
Miscellaneous Photos
Date Added # Photos Photo/Gallery Description
September 2001 20 TTCC hosts a CKC Agility Trial
November 1998 2 Tibetan people with their dogs
November 1998 1 The Dalai Lama and his dog Senge

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