Second Coming of Christ

Return of the Lord


Regarding the return of the Lord, I have been looking through scripture. We won't know the day or the hour Mt 24:36, Mk13:32. The general times, given by signs of the times were given though. There are three parallel accounts of this. The Eschatological discourse found in Mt 24:1-36, Mk 13:1-32 and Lk 21:5-33 talk of the abomination of desolation (the desecration of the Holy of Holies) Mt 24:15, Mk 13:14 and Lk 21:20. But the abomination of desolation mentioned in Mathew and Mark are different than that of Luke. Matthew and Mark refer to the one in the last days or so it appears. Luke refers to the desolation after which Jerusalem will be downtrodden by the pagans until the age of the pagans is complete. Lk 21:24 After the time of the pagan's is over the end of the age will be soon. The fig tree is a symbol of Israel. When it comes forth, the State of Israel is born which was in 1948. Jerusalem was captured by Israel in 1967 and the time of the pagans ended. So the return of Christ is near. But how near.


The Bible says, "before this generation has passed away all these thing will have taken place." Mt 24:34, Mk 13:30. I did a search on the Internet that says a biblical generation is forty years. Most recently Jack van Impe recalculated a biblical generation as 51 years. He used, when Israel captured Jerusalem with the 51 years. This gives the Lord's return at 1967+51=2018. I feel there is more time. My opinion is that dates like 1948+40=1988, 1967+40=2007 and 2018 will pass without the Lord's return.


I believe that when the Bible says, "before this generation has passed away," it means that everybody alive in the generation has passed away. This is confirmed by the Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary which say "pass away" means to go out of existence or DIE. So the forty years starts and the first baby is born. Next the forty years ends and the last baby of that generation is born. Then the last born baby of the generation dies in old age at say 100 years old. This puts the return of Christ before 1967+40+100=2107AD. If you believe the 51-year generation, Christ's return would be before 1967+51+100=2118AD. Or using 1948, 1948+40+100=2088AD.


For the Lord's return, I calculated, using 6 days of work in the Father's creation equaling 6000 years of time from creation to Christ's return. This is what the Jewish rabbis believe. I used the date of 1850BC as the arrival of Abraham in Canaan Gn 12 from the Catholic Jerusalem Bible. I also use the Thompson Chain Reference Bible for the time between the Fall to the call of Abraham. So 4004-1921=2083. And 1850+2083=3933BC as the time of the Fall. So 6000-3933+12=2079 AD. Note the 12 years is the missing years of the AD calendar. I don't know the accuracy of 1850BC date. But the Jewish method gives a ballpark number for the Return.


I need something more to get close to the date of the Return. Peter wrote "a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day" 2Pe 3:8. We talked about a Jewish method. What about a Christian method. Jesus rose on the third day early in the morning on Sunday Jn 20:1-10. So he basically spent two days dead and buried and rose on the third day. That is two days away from us or 2000 years. And He returned at the beginning of the 3000years. In the following 3000 years it would be the millennial reign of Jesus. Rev 19:11-21 (Return of Christ) Rev 20:1-6 (Millennial Reign)


There are two super important dates in the first century AD. They are the day of Jesus death and the capture and burning of the inner court of the Temple (abomination of desolation). Jesus died on the first Good Friday. That meant Passover was on Saturday. Therefore the Passover could have been on Saturday April 8, 30 AD or April 4, 33 AD. Josh McDowell in his book "Evidence that Demands a Verdict" puts Jesus death in 33AD. I'm not saying he is wrong, but if we look at Jn 2:20, we see it said, "it took 46 years to build this temple." The temple started to be rebuilt in the winter of 20-19 BC. So the year of Jn 2:20 was 28 AD. Therefore 33 AD maybe too late. So if Jesus rose again in 30 AD and Ascended into heaven in 30 AD leaving us. This means He could return in 30+2000+12=2042AD or 33+2000+12=2045AD.


The other important date, when the inner court of the Temple was destroyed, was August 29, 70AD. So Jesus could return in 70+2000+12=2082AD. These two methods, one using Jesus ascension the other using the destruction of the Temple are mine.


Anyway, my opinion is that the Lord's return is later than they say. But then again I must thank the pop culture prophetic professionals giving me some basic information to start out. This would include Hal Lindsey and Jack van Impe.


I tend to believe it is after 2107AD.



Yours truly,

Paul Treciokas