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Some of My Favourite Places :

MeTshag Tibetan Terriers
Tibetan Terrier Information Center
Woodruff TTs
Dalghani Tibetan Terriers
Tshangs Byin Tibetan Terriers
A-Mas Tibetan Terriers
Wanted Nice Dogs TTs
Taikesh TTs
Wyndian Dog Art

Clubs And Publications :

Tibetan Terrier Club of Canada
Tibetan Terrier Club of America
The Canadian Kennel Club
Dogs in Canada
Canine Review
The American Kennel Club
CKCShow Dogs List

Health Related Sites

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Canine Eye RegistrationFoundation
K9ped TT Database
TT Int.

Some Show Secretary Sites :
The Entry Line
Infodog (MB-F)
McNultyDog Shows