High Tech Companies in and around Ottawa
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Absopulse designs and manufactures a broad line of custom and standard switching power supplies including DC/DC and AC/DC converters, inverters, complete power systems in 19" rack, DC-input florescent lamp inverters, dimmable backlight inverters, modular power supplies and DC output UPS Systems. Absopulse supplies quality converters to customers in such divers areas as telecommunications, computing, mining, and transportation.
Tel:(613) 836-3511 or Fax:(613) 836-7488



An Engineering and Information Technology Services Company, with a staff of 400, providing Systems Engineering - Software Engineering - Information Security - Project Management Technical Support Services - and Multimedia CBT to governments and commercial clients wordlwide.
Tel:(613) 237-3022
or Fax:(613) 237-3024
Email: info@adga.ca


AIM is a Canadian owned OSO 9002 certified company, established in 1984 to provide information technology, engineering and administrative personnel to the private and public sectors in Canada, the United States and abroad. From its' offices in Ottawa and Houston AIM has placed thousands of highly skilled candidates with leading firms. Skilled professionals in a multitude of dicopplines are provided either for temporary projects or permanent positions. AIM provides a cost-effective solution to any personnel requirement. Our expertise is in the area of searching and networking skilled individuals,in all disciplines, and at all levels. Address: 1470 - 55 Metcalfe Street. Ottawa, Ont. Tel:(613) 230-6991 or Fax:(613) 230-7183


With 18 years of experience providing rock solid support to clients and consultants, AJJA is a local IT company with a difference. At AJJA we believe in integrating consulting, products and education services with marketing trends. Over the past two years, we've groun by a phenomenal 60%. AJJA is now the largest locally-owned consulting services company in the area, representing more than 250 independent IT professionals. Our unique partnership approach attracts the most talented and creative minds in the industry. On average, our consultants have 12 years of industrial experience. Our clients keep coming back, knowing that we have the expertise to meet their toughest business challenges, using best-of-breed technology in Client-Server, Internet/Intranet and EDI environments. If there wais a fast-paced, exciting project in town AJJA consultants would be working on it. Phone: (613) 563-2552 or Fax: (613) 563-3438.


Ottawa's premier source for promotional, marketing and printing products. It is with tremendous pride that we present to you our Canadian Collection catalogue, a collection of promotional items that meets our strict criteria for outstanding quality and value from both a price and marketing perspective.

We always select the best items from our best suppliers, negotiated bulk purchase pricing, preferential deliveries and have passed on these benefits to you. I have personally scrutinized each and every item the collection and for this reason, we are able to offer you a complete Satisfaction Guarantee.

At Akran Marketing we believe in providing you the best price, service and value that you can not receive from any other distributor. We are your single source marketing products, designing, warehousing and offering fulfillment services. Akran is also the only complany in North America that can offer you a "private label" on products even for small quantities.

Our clients share with us a common goal and that is to stand head and shoulders above their competition. Our "Canadian Collection" and "American Collection" will help to do just that.

We look forward to being of service.

Address: 2141 Thurston Drive,    Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 6C9.    Tel: (613) 739-4000    cel: (613)-2222    Fax: (613) 739-4444.


Incorporated in 1997, Alcea was created by a group of individuals whom shared the same vision of an Information Technology (IT) company. There vision was a company that delivers a broad base of information technology solutions that meets the needs of both clients and of the technology professionals working to deliver them. Each founding member of Alcea brought their own individual IT experiences to the table, thus making Alcea's strength diverse. These strength cover numerous technology fields including database management, quality assurance, programming, and Internet technologies among many.

TELEPHONE => (613) 563-9595. FAX => (613) 563-9494.


Business grouth through Technology Licensing - give your company a new license on life! We help companies make profits by licensing in, licensing out, and protecting and managing intelectual property assets. The Alwend Group is now celebrating it's 11th anniversery. We are unique in Canada - experts at technology commercialization, IP expertise in business/law/technology, specialists in license drafting and negotiation, with a Canada wide network and a team of international partners. We also market innovative technologies into 14 countries of Europe through our Spacelink Group Partners. Tel: (613) 596-6032 Fax: (613) 596-2986.


AMS is a billion dollar, international firm specializing in change management, process renewal, organization development and system integration. In Canada, we have offices in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. We have built one of the most enviable reputations in the industry for delivering very large, complex system integration projects on time and on budget. Computer Systems News selected AMS as one of the top 20 systems integrators, Fortune 1998 renked AMS 30th in the 100 best companies to work for and the Forbes 1998 annual report in American Industry ranks us 13th of the 35 companies in the business service sector. Address: 180 Elgin Stree, Suite 700, Ottawa, Ontario. K2P 2K3 Fax:(613) 232-0324.


Anjura Technology Corporation is a leading-edge, Information Technology consulting firm that specializes in delivering distributed network solutions and system re-engineering expertise to a vast array of public sector and private industry clients. Founded in 1992, the firm continues to build upon its excellent reputation for delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions to all of its cleints. The firm is committed to establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships with its customers and encourages experienced consultants to contact to discuss possible contracting opportunities. Anjura is a Microsoft Solutions Provider, and IBM/Lotus Business Partner and a member if CABiNET, an Ottawa-based consulting consortium. ADDRESS: 6 Gurdara Raod, Suite 101. Nepean, Ontario. K2E 8A3. Tel: (613) 727-1411 Fax: (613) 727-1412 or Email: info@adjura.com.


In today's economy Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization present a unique opportunity for small and medium-size businesses to penetrate various niche markets and reach both local and global customers quickly and cost-effectively. As opposed to other types of Marketing, Search Engine Optimization is a finite undertaking requiring a one-time upfront investment, with minimal maintenance in the future. Having been properly implemented once, it begins producing outstanding results very quickly and continues to bring generous rewards for years afterward.

Contrary to popular belief, Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is not merely a strategy for enhancing your web presence and driving traffic to your website. Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is a means for transforming your website into a powerful yet cost-effective vehicle for generating considerable and sustainable revenue.

To generate sustainable revenue through your website, you cannot merely aim at driving traffic to it. You need to identify users best suited to be your potential customers; you need to instantly attract their attention and then retain it throughout a number of pages; you need to prompt them with timely and appropriate "calls to action"; and finally, you need to "convince" your users to click, review, and fill out your order or registration forms. We help you accomplish these tasks by executing rigorous time-tested methodology that has helped our clients generate sales through their websites in as quickly as four weeks. Our Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization services are geared toward one single goal: to help you attract potential customers and generate sales through your website as quickly as possible. Please use the menu options on top of the page to navigate this site and review available services, products, and information.

ASH provides stratigic marketing and promotional services to the high technology sector. ASH has helped many local and international high-tech companies - large and small - to achieve challenging marketing objectives. Services include corporate image and profile, product launch and promotion, compeditive analysis, tactical marketing, media and public relations, full service advertising, recruiting communications, exhibits and special marketing programs. ASH's multi-disciplinary team of more than 50 talented senior professionals operates as a synergistic virtual corporation. Established in Kanata in 1990, ASH Technology Marketing is a division of Phippard & Associates, a stratigic services company incorporated in 1983. Tel: (613) 591-3800 Email: info@marketing-wizards.com.


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Bates Project Management Inc. is a project management services company with a business history of over twenty one years. We provide project management solutions through our consulting, methodology, training and direct management services. Our methodology, the basis of all our services, provides clients with a structured approach to project organization, planning and control. Our Cleints include: Reuters, Information Systems, Rogers Cantel, MOSAID Technologies, Global One Communications, Xerox, The Toronto Stock Exchange, Dofasco, Panasonic Canada, City of Brampton, Department of Foreign Affairs, Veterans Affairs, CIBC, Air Canada and many more. Address: 200 Elgin Street Ottawa, Suite 705, Ottawa, Ontario. K2P 1L5. Tel: (613) 567-2060.


High technology business and marketing experts, specializing in re-engineering to stimulatr high grouth curves.BMA engages the high-tech company's senior executive team in a management brainstorming session which yields priorized marketing and management action plans. The session also deals with branding issues, and objstacles to grouth. BMA then works with clients to convert these caction plans into highly effective marketing tools and tactics. Authors of the white paper entitled "A framework for grouth in high-technology companies". Address: 15 Capella Court, Suite 109, Nepean. Tel: (613) 226-9002. or e-mail "info@helpbusiness.com"


Bleeker Professional A/V Systems was formed 6 years ago to specialize in Professional Audio/Video System Integration and Desighn. Our goal is to provide the latest in professional audio/video and presentation technologies.. Representing products such as LCD Projectors, Video Editing Suites and P/A Systems, from industry leaders, Hitachi, Panasonic, Sanyo, Sony, Chisholm, Draco and others, we provide everything from comprehensive boardroom system solutions to single product sales. Our team includes local/on site service personnel, a local delivery fleet, and professional custom installer. Tel: (613) 225-6778.


For Over 20 years, Brymark has been Ottawa's formost professional marketing firm. The company provides logo'd items that help build brand equity, motivate and reward employees, thank customers and suppliers, or even create new sales opportunities. Executive gifts, such as imported electronics, food items or jewelry, can help in negotiating stratigic alliances or new customer relationships. Our extensive line of wearables, including leather jackets, business shirts, or active team wear, can help build employee confidence and moral. And our many direct mail items can impress even your most demanding customer. Tel: (613) 737-4556. or e-mail "ideas@brymark.com".


Is the technology leader in integrated Knowledge Management solutions providing secure, instant access to corporate knowledge base folders - whatever the media. Our products for production level document and image management, workkflow automation, and COLD applications, support multiple paltforms, networks and databases; are modular, scalable, industry standards compliant, and based on open client-server and Web architectures. They are Y2K ready and geared to answer the many records, document and image management issues facing government, finance, insurance and healthcare. Located in Ottawa, ByteQuest markets products worldwide through VARS, resellers, distributers and system integrators. Address: 1565 Carling Avenue, Suite 502, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Z 8R1. Tel: (613) 728-5977 Fax: (613) 728-8566. e-mail: "byteinfo@bytequest.com".


Because it takes a lot more than just technical know-how to create effective high-tech communications materials. The Bytown Group brings a dynamic mix of strategy and creativity to the table. For over 20 years, Bytown has been helping the region's high-tech companies get their messages accross to customers, shareholders and potential employee's through strikingly executed advertising, marketing collateral, corporate and multimedia design. Bytown's diverse client base includes AT&T Canada Enterprise Company, Compaq Canada Inc.,DY4 Systems Inc., and Nortel Internet Telephony Applications Group. Tel: (613) 562-1861.


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Cablecom International Network Cabling, a division of The State Group Limited. Cablecom is one of Canada's leading national suppliers of network design installation and maintenance services. Cablecom offers its customers full design and installation services of structured cabling networks designed to meet the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow and we've been doing it for almost two decades. Cablecom as part of The State Group Limited, is part of one of the largest multi trade organizations in Canada. We offer our clients a wide selection of services including: Planning and physical layout of telecommunications networks; Installation of voice, data & wireless network solutions; Moves, adds & changes; Network Testing and Documentation; On-call agreements and Residency programs. Cablecom is a Nordx/CDT Certified System Vendor and an AMP NETCONNECT Design and Installation Contractor. We have offices accross Canada including Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Our Ottawa office address is: 855 Industrial Avenue, Unit 10. Tel: (613) 738-2998 Fax: (613) 738-5022.



At Cadence, we lead the world in electronic design services and technology. Our innovative worldwide Design Factory Network™ helps industry giants like Motorola, IBM, Philips and Sony deliver the advanced technology products their customers demand. From a start-up operation in 1988,we've become a global enterprise with 5,000 employees and yearly sales of nearly $1.2 billion Cdn. In Ottawa, our new $10 million Datacom/Telecom Product Design Center is enjoying growth and success beyond all projections. Strong, sustained market demand from a diverse global customer base is creating outstanding career opportunities here, especially for electronic design professionals.
ADDRESS:    Cadence Design Systems, (Canada) Ltd. 
                 1130 Morrison Drive 
                 Suite 240 
                 Ottawa, Ontario 
                 K2H 9N6 

                 Phone: 613-726-2773 
                 Fax: 613-828-7606 
                 E-Mail: kenglish@cadence.com 


As a Value Added Reseller ( VAR ) CADFORCE Systems has been serving the Canadian and American CAE/CAD/CAM Electronics Industry since 1990. Change continually occurs in our industry. Reacting to change faster & more efficiently than before involves all elements of our business from customer serving, to finished goods and delivery schedules. The key is to speed up value added information gathering, decision making and material flow to meet customer expectations of a leading edge company in an efficient and timely manner. Our abilities to process change and continuously improve leads to manufacturing excellence. Requirements for board designs have evolved and extended beyond simple PC board layout. Driven by constantly evolving technologies and stricter government regulations we are experiencing a shift of CAD into CAE. Finding a problem early in the design cycle reduces the overall cost of getting a product to market.Complete integration of tools, inter-department communication, reliable transfer of data and dependable results are a major factor in the overall success of a company. Our new Product Data Management (PDM) division, Agile Workplace, will help you in this integration,by managing the complete life cycle of your product, ECO’s, BoM’s, etc., and by putting all your information on-line in a Windows-like easy to use environment. We help our customers by providing solutions suitable to their particular needs. A complete review of your design process will allow us to successfully guide you with your software selection. From immediate requirements to long term plans, our objective is to provide strategies. Our technical support department will help with the implementation as well. Cadforce is considered a leader in these fields :
Your success is our success.
                     CADFORCE Systems				Phone: (514) 426-2777
                          215, Place Frontenac				ToolFree: 1-800-249-7332
                          Pointe-Claire, Quebec				Fax: (514) 426-0266
                          H9R 4Z7					email: jean@cadforce.ca 
EMS Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: ELMG)(Formally Cal Corporation)is a leading provider of wireless and satellite communications solutions, with a growing emphasis on broadband applications. EMS focuses its unique range of technologies on the needs of broadband and mobile-information users. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, employs 1,500 people worldwide and has major manufacturing facilities in Atlanta, Ottawa and Montreal.

The EMS family of products includes:

  • Broadband SATCOM antenna products.
  • Cellular/PCS base station antenna and other equipment.
  • Satellite payload and BUS equipment.
  • Local and wide area wireless network products.
  • Mobile SATCOM terminal and antenna products.
  • Special purpose military and defense electronics 
  • Wireless Network integration services
1725 Woodward Drive, Ottawa Ontario Canada  K2C 0P9
Tel: (613) 727-1771   Fax: (613) 727-1200   SATCOM: 1-800-600-9759


Our company began in 1982 when our founder, Larry O'Brien, recognized a new opportunity in a quickly changing economy. His vision was to build a company of highly skilled information technology, technical and quality management professionals offering business-critical solutions to the Canadian high-technology and defence sectors. Innovation, dedication, integrity and commitment to customer service -- cornerstones of our company then as now -- led Calian through nearly two decades of consistent, well managed growth. In 1993, Calian offered its shares to the public. Investing in new markets, and new opportunities, our international presence now extends to over fourteen countries on six continents. Calian built its business by valuing people and building work environments where people and businesses thrive. By focusing on people, Calian has become a leading provider of technology and professional services. While our strategies and tactics may change as the needs of our business change, our core values will not. Our commitment to integrity and innovation is more than just our latest idea. Our emphasis on solving real problems and making a meaningful contribution to our customers has enabled our employee-owners and shareholders to grow and prosper. At Calian we mean to demonstrate that a company can be both serious about business and serious about people.


Canada Post is in business to serve all Canadians, businesses and organizations through the secure delivery of letters and parcels to all addresses in Canada and around the world. In meeting this need, 30 million Canadians and more than 900,000 businesses and public institutions are served through one of the most sophisticated mail processing and distribution systems in the world. Each year, the Corporation and its subsidiary Purolator are entrusted with 9 billion messages and parcels. These materials are processed through 22 major plants and many other facilities for delivery to over 12.7 million addresses in Canada. There are more than 20,000 retail points of purchase where customers can access postal services. In addition to being a key player in Canada's vital communications market, Canada Post is a major contributor to the national economy. It is ranked 32nd among Canadian businesses in terms of consolidated revenue and is the fifth largest employer in the country. It has gained a worldwide reputation for developing business solutions to better manage its postal business. It markets these solutions to postal administrations around the globe through its international consulting subsidiary Canada Post International Ltd. (CPI). More than 80 projects have been completed in 35 countries since CPI was established six years ago. The company's "In Business to Serve" philosophy extends beyond national borders. Canada Post plays an active role in organizations such as the Universal Postal Union and International Post Corporation to ensure the 17 million kilograms of mail forwarded to foreign countries every year are delivered to the highest possible standards.


Our Company

Marconi plc is a global communications and information technology company that provides the superhighways for information traffic to move rapidly from origin to destination.

Most people use a phone, watch television or surf the Internet and don't think about how sound, pictures or words actually travel through these mediums.

For example, how is someone, thousands of miles away, able to hear your voice over the phone? How does information get transferred from your computer to a business’s computer on the other side of the globe, or from the Internet to your computer? Well, the simple answer is Marconi makes it happen.

We provide the software and hardware for building the superhighways that enable sound, video, computer data or other information traffic to travel rapidly to you.

Marconi plc has research and development facilities in 19 countries, manufacturing operations in 16 countries, and serves customers in over 100 countries. Marconi delivers innovative solutions that transform communications networks.

Headquartered in London, Marconi was listed on the London Stock Exchange in November 1999. However, Marconi’s heritage stems back to the 1900s with Guglielmo Marconi, the Nobel Prize winner and wireless communication pioneer.

Since those early days Marconi has led the way in many areas of communication and continues to do so today.

Within public networks, Marconi is a major supplier of optical networking in the area of synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) technology.

Countries currently upgrading their communications infrastructure with a Marconi solution include France, Holland, Belgium and the United Kingdom - as well as two of the world's largest networks, in Australia and the People's Republic of China.

Marconi is also providing a reliable network foundation for the core of the Internet, with customers including Cable & Wireless, UUNET Technologies, Level 3 Communications, MCI/WorldCom and Qwest. Innovative network solutions are also being deployed by a number of leading service providers. Additionally, Marconi provides a fiber-to-the-curb solution for public network access.

In private networks, Marconi offers a broad portfolio of solutions for Ethernet and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) networks. These solutions provide a reliable foundation for building networks that last. With industry innovations like firewall switching and policy-based network management, Marconi has the experience and vision to implement rock solid enterprise network solutions.

Recently, Marconi has acquired and disposed of several businesses in order to drive its focus in communications and information technology further. For a complete list, between 1998 and 2002, see Acquired & Disposed Businesses.

Address: 1125 Innovation Drive, Kanata, Ontario. Canada K2K 3G6 -- Tel: (613) 271-7400 or Fax: (613) 271-7410


Capital Alliance Ventures Inc. is a Labour Sponsored Investment Fund with a two-fold mandate:
  • To provide tax-assisted venture capital investment opportunities to the individual investor.
  • To provide venture capital funding to businesses in the high technology industry. The investor is afforded federal and Ontario tax credits equal to 30% of the first $5000 invested each year; the investment also is eligible for an RRSP deduction. Capital Alliance Ventures makes venture capital investments in high technology companies throughout Ontario. Such investments can take the form of equity or subordinated debt that is convertible into equity. The principal form of payback from such investments is the sale of such equity at a significant appreciation over its purchase price. These paybacks typically occur over a much longer period of time than is the case for investments in publicly traded securities. The article entitled Measuring the Performance of Labour Sponsored Venture Capital Funds explains the major differences between venture capital funds and more conventional mutual funds.
    Address: 60 Queen Street, Suite 600, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5Y7. --- Tel: (613) 567-3225 Fax: (613) 567-3979 Toll Free:1-800-304-2330.

    At The Career Agent, we work for you. We put your interests first. Over the past 10 years, we have built an impressive record of success at helping technology professionals find the work that interests them most. We have expert knowledge of Ottawa's local technology companies - and have the contacts and connectionss you need to advance your career. Our expertise is proven by the results we generate. Many professionals have agents and technology professionals are no exception.
    If you’re a full-time professional interested in exploring your options, The Career Agent can connect you with the region’s most sought-after opportunities - including technology start-ups. We provide personalized service to learn more about your wants and needs, then we apply your requirements to an intensive and ongoing career search, informing you of the results with complete confidentiality. When a window of opportunity opens, we let you know immediately -- sometimes even before the position is advertised.


    At Carleton, we're young, dynamic, and research-intensive with a flair for innovation and change. We've built a strong reputation for excellence in high-technology, and public affairs and management. Discover the breadth of programs we offer in more than 50 areas of study. Discover our teachers, renowned nationally and internationally for their scholarship, poised on the cutting-edge of research in their fields. Discover Ottawa, the centre of the Canadian high-tech community, the heart of the country's political process, and the home of the nation's cultural and research resources.


    CDI is the largest provider of information technology (IT) education and training in Canada. The Company services the growing segment of the population seeking to acquire career-oriented IT education and training through two operating divisions, the post-secondary division and the corporate training division. CDI Education Corporation is an organization dedicated to leading-edge, quality technology training that enables the growth of individuals and increases the productivity of organizations. CDI is uniquely positioned to offer lifelong training solutions to any individual or employer who need to gain expertise and remain current in the high-technology field.


    Heritage College in Hull is the only English, post-secondary, educational institution in Western Quebec.

    Serving the Outaouais and National Capital regions and beyond, Heritage College offers a wide range of education choices including advanced general studies leading to university, and career-oriented programs with hands-on training and, in many cases, the opportunity to gain valuable co-op work experience.

    Located on the fringe of scenic Gatineau Park, just minutes from downtown Hull and Ottawa, Heritage College is large enough to offer you exciting choices and opportunities, yet small enough for you to feel comfortable and at home. Spacious, modern facilities and landscaped campus grounds provide a pleasant, stimulating learning environment.

    Heritage College is also a Certified Microsoft Training Institution featuring a dynamic and rapidly-expanding Continuing Education department located on the second floor at 205 Laurier Street in downtown Hull. A variety of programs are offered; for more information on admission requirements, starting dates, or for detailed descriptions of programs, courses and services, contact the Continuing Education division directly by calling (819) 595-0052, by faxing (819) 595-5091, or by sending email to conted@cegep-heritage.qc.ca.

    Our Mission Statement

    As the only English, post-secondary, educational institution in Western Quebec, Heritage College is committed to the social, cultural and economic advancement of the community. Its first priority is to provide to individuals and groups within that community quality learning opportunities for the achievement of their education, career and life-long goals.


    Welcome to CGI Ottawa. We have built our strength serving the information technology needs of the Canadian Public Sector, its associated agencies and departments. Our expertise is providing business solutions, primarily in financial systems and case management. Address: CGI, 200-1101 Prince of Wales Drive, Ottawa Ontario. K2C 3W7. Tel: (613) 723-7311 Fax: (613) 723-7117.


    Chapters Online Inc. is a Canadian e-commerce company which operates www.chapters.ca and www.gardencrazy.com, leading Canadian destinations for online shoppers. The Chapters.ca Web site features millions of book, music CD, video, DVD, software and video game titles as well as consumer electronics. Chapters.ca's wide selection of products are priced in Canadian dollars with a unique focus on products of interest to Canadians. The Gardencrazy.com Web site features a wide selection of plants as well as gardening apparel, tools, and accessories.

    Given the explosive growth of the Internet, Chapters Online is dedicated to being a leader in the Canadian e-commerce industry, expanding its product offerings into new areas to meet the growing demands of Canadians shopping online. At Chapters.ca and GardenCrazy.com, Canadians can buy the products they want without being hit with high exchange rates and costly duty charges and being disappointed by slow and expensive international delivery. Committed to providing a convenient and hassle-free e-commerce experience, Chapters Online offers a secure shopping environment, easy-to-use search tools, and industry leading customer service. In 1999, Chapters Online received Internet World Canada's Site of the Year Award for its positive impact on the lives of Canadians.



    1-800-441-1414 (Canada and United States - toll free)
    (506) 863-6310 (All other countries)
    (506) 877-3160 (Fax)


    Chipworks is a internationally acknowledged technical services company that analyzes the circuitry and physical composition of semiconductors chips and microelectronics systems for application in intellectual property licensing, patenting, compeditive study, quality reviews, and reliable assurance. The cornerstone of the company is outr focused, energenic team of semiconductor technology specialists. This team, whose roots trace back to the early days of the microchip, uses sophisticated lab facilities and a rich library of in-house semiconductor data to conduct high value analysis of a wide selection of chip types. Chipworks develops high value, meticulously researched, on time reports presented in a format that is easy to read, easy to understand and taylored to the customers needs. Chipworks customers include major semiconductor manufacturers and users world wide. More than 95% of Chipworks business supports semiconductor manufacturers outside of Canada. Chipworks is housed in the west end of Canada's capital Ottawa. 75 employees. Address: 3685 Richmond Road. Suite 500, Ottawa, Ontario K2H 5B7. Tel: (613)829-0414 Fax: (613) 829-0515.


    Burntsand is an e-Business Solutions Integrator, focusing on the Business to Business, B2B, environment. Six Canadian and two US locations, coupled with enviable growth, have made Burntsand a success story. At Burntsand, our success is derived solely from successful clients, and our ability to make major e-Business Solutions impact in the areas of e-Commerce, e-Customer Relationship Management, and e-Business Intelligence. Burntsand's e-Services encompass the strategy, technical, and creative aspects of e-Business solutions, with time to market measured in weeks, not years! Our solutions deliver competitive advantage, and are based on the Burntsand e-Cosystem Foundation, that fuses Burntsand's corporate alliances, knowledge base, proven methodologies, and world class craftsmanship into a powerful e-Business Solutions integration asset.
    Address in Ottawa: 222 Somerset Street West, Suite 200. K2B 2G3. Tel: (613) 940-2100 Fax: (613) 940-2150.


    Chrysalis-ITS, Inc., is a leading developer of solutions for secure communications and electronic commerce. Chrysalis specializes in embedded cryptography and integrating cryptographic products in client-server applications, and offers products for workstation, network, and Internet security. The company was founded in 1994 and is located in Ottawa, Ontario.
    1688 Woodward Drive Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2C 3R7
    (613)723-5077 fax: (613)723-5078 www.chrysalis-its.com


    CMC Electronics Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture, sales and support of high-technology electronic products for the aviation, communications, infrared sensing, marine electronics, positioning and space markets. Formerly known as Canadian Marconi Company, CMC Electronics has been designing and building innovative communication and electronics systems since 1903.

    Our principal engineering/manufacturing plant is located in Montréal, Québec. Facilities include a plant in Ottawa, Ontario, as well as sales and service offices across Canada. A network of sales and service agents and representatives supports company activities worldwide.

    The Corporation's capabilities in product development, sales and systems support are broadened by its Canadian subsidiary NovAtel Inc. of Calgary, Alberta; and its U.S. subsidiary, CMC Electronics Cincinnati of Mason, Ohio. In July 2002, CMC Electronics completed the acquisition of Flight Visions Inc. of Sugar Grove, Illinois. The new acquisition operates as an integral part of CMC Electronics' operations.

    CMC Electronics Inc. pursues niche markets in which products of the utmost quality, highest reliability and most innovative functions are required. The Corporation is a major supplier to the aerospace and high-technology industries, airlines, military agencies and government customers around the world.

    ADDRESS: CMC Electronics, 415 Legget Drive, Ottawa Ontario, Canada, K2K 2B2.     TEL: (613) 592-6500 FAX: (613) 592-7427


    The Web today is serious business. Web sites that perform keep customers coming back—and Web sites that don’t are one click away from being forgotten forever.

    Since 1995, COAST Software Web-testing solutions have ensured the performance of corporate and intranet sites around the world, enabling companies to access the global marketplace with confidence.

    With over 100,000 users worldwide, the award-winning family of COAST products allows Web professionals to perform automated Web site tests, accelerating time to market. No matter how large or complex a site may be—no matter how many authors it may have—COAST Software’s feature-rich solutions improve the quality of your visitors' online experience.


    Founded in 1969, Cognos does business with 15,000 customers in more than 60 countries and employs some 2,500 people worldwide. With more than two million BI licenses, Cognos solutions are licensed for use by a wide range of customers, including Global 2000 corporations. Our business intelligence solutions and services are sold directly and are also available from more than 2,900 worldwide partners and resellers.

    Cognos understands that to win in the e-business world, companies need to change the way they do business…They must provide a superior customer experience…Gain business insights in real time…Make decisions faster…Improve business performance. As the world's leading vendor of Business Intelligence solutions for e-business, Cognos plays a mission-critical role in making our customers successful. In fact, our Web-based technology is the cornerstone of e-business infrastructure.


    Kanata, Ontario, Canada, May 28 -- Computer Sciences Corporation (NYSE: CSC) opened its new headquarters for Canadian operations in Kanata, Ontario, joining other major technology companies in an area commonly referred to as "Silicon Valley North."

    The new facilities, which serve as a base for 500 CSC employees in Canada, are located in Kanata Research Park at 555 Legget Drive, 6th Floor, Tower B, Kanata, Ontario K2K2X3, telephone 613.591.1810. Representing CSC at the opening were Milton E. Cooper, president, CSC Federal Sector; Terry W. Glasgow, vice president/general manager of CSC's Defense Group, and Tony R. Canning, president, CSC Canada. Guests participating in the ribbon-cutting ceremony included Kanata Mayor Merle Nicolds.

    CSC Canada's clients and business associates shared in a celebration marking a year of outstanding growth for CSC in Canada. During fiscal 1999, CSC Canada captured nearly 25 percent of the Canadian government's mission-critical Y2K work - more than any other Y2K contractor.

    Growth also resulted from the leveraging of commercial best practices developed by CSC business units around the world.

    "Our business model allows us to reach out across all of CSC and bring our best practices to bear," said Milton Cooper. "Through this practice, CSC Canada has achieved significant growth over the last 12 months."

    CSC Canada has offices in 12 cities and about 500 Canadian employees serving 11 federal departments as well as commercial accounts.

    Computer Sciences Corporation helps clients in industry and government use information technology to achieve strategic and operational objectives. The company develops individual business solutions that are delivered by CSC's 50,000 employees in more than 700 offices worldwide in areas such as management and information technology consulting, systems consulting and integration, operations support and information services outsourcing.

    Since its formation in 1959, CSC has been known for its flexibility in its relationships with clients. The company maintains numerous agreements with hardware or software technology companies and thus is able to identify and manage solutions specifically tailored to each client's need. CSC had revenues of $7.7 billion for the twelve months ended April 2, 1999. For more information, visit the company's web site at www.csc.com


    Corporate Overview

    From its early years as a pioneer in the graphics software field to its current innovations in business and Internet software for a variety of platforms, Corel has consistently developed products that respond to evolving consumer needs.



    Creo is a global company with key strengths in imaging and software technology. As the world’s largest supplier of prepress equipment, we are leading the transformation of the graphic arts industry. We are also active in the creative desktop market and are continuously exploring the application of our patented technology in other industries.

    Products & Services

    Creo manufactures more than 300 products, including professional digital cameras, color and copydot scanning systems; inkjet and halftone digital proofers; workflow management tools; variable information workflow systems; computer-to-film and computer-to-plate devices; and color servers for high-speed, print-on-demand digital printers. We are also an OEM supplier of on-press imaging technology and components for digital presses. In the summer of 2001, we publicly demonstrated the application of precision opto-mechanical systems to all-optical switching for the telecommunications industry.


    • It is important to us that Creo be a place where strong values and solid management philosophies hold true. Our goal is to provide highly valuable and innovative solutions to help make our customers successful. We also wish to be known as an excellent place to work and a great company with which to do business.


    At Creo, we are proud of the creativity, initiative, and innovative problem-solving of all of our teams. Our ideas and designs are key to the success of our customers, and essential to our value as a business.

    For us, Research & Development begins with ideas -- many originating from our customers -- and continues through product development, manufacturing, and service, ending with solutions that increase customer profitability. With hundreds of people working in R&D, we are able to develop a wide range of products and technologies in parallel. We file for a new patent about once a week, covering a wide range of activities from software to micro-machining (MEMS).


    More than 4000 Creo employees are at work for the success of our customers in 30 offices around the world. Corporate headquarters are located in Vancouver, Canada with product development and manufacturing centers in Vancouver; Herzlia, Israel; and Boston, MA USA. Sales, support and distribution centers are located around the world, with regional offices in Tokyo; Hong Kong; Sydney; and Brussels.


    CrossKeys Systems Corporation tops The financial Post Fast 55 list of the 55 fastest-growing technology companys. CrossKeys ia a software solutions company enabling telecommunications service providers to optimize network, performance and service delivery while they maintain and grow market share. CrossKeys current customer base is approximatley 165 companies in 45 countries worldwide. CrossKeys employs over 300 people in 13 location around the globe. CrossKeys Systems Corporation is a public company whose common shares are listed for trading on NASDAQ (CKEYF) in the United States and on the Toronto Stock Exchange (CKY) in Canada.


    Cyberus Online was incorporated in April 1995, at which time we began rigorous testing of our networking equipment and services. By July 1, 1995, we were ready to roll, and Cyberus opened its doors to the public. Expansion was rapid. By February of 1996, Cyberus was firmly established as the largest independent ISP in the National Capital Region.

    In a few short years, Cyberus has gone from a local start-up company to becoming Canada's Premiere Internet Solutions Provider!

    ADDRESS: Suite 200 , 102 Bank Street , Ottawa, ON . K1P 5N4 .    TEL: (613) 233-5555    FAX: (613) 233-2266


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    Founded in 1995, Databeacon Inc. is the award-winning developer of Databeacon, the Data Publishing, Analysis and Reporting software designed for organizations whose core business involves providing data over the Internet to large communities of information consumers. Organizations around the world, such as Nielsen//NetRatings and Baxter Healthcare, are using the design, publish and dissemination features of Databeacon to increase audience reach, enable better decisions, build strong relationships and enhance competitiveness.

    Databeacon’s corporate headquarters are in Ottawa, Canada, with sales offices across North America, and resellers and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners in more than 20 countries around the world.

    Databeacon Inc. 1565 Carling Avenue, Suite 300 Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 8R1 Tel: (613) 729-4480 Fax: (613) 729-6711


    Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu is dedicated to delivering world-class service to its world-class clients, and we do this in over 130 countries.

    Our mission is to help our clients and our people excel. These two forces come together in a powerful combination of wide-ranging services in every major business center in the world.

    Our services include assurance and advisory, management consulting, and tax advice to hundreds of the world's biggest and most respected companies, including the world's largest manufacturer, 5 of the 25 largest banks and four of the largest trading companies. Our people also listen in over 100 languages; beyond the major economies many of our professionals serve and assist the emerging markets, advising governments and institutions throughout Central Europe and Asia Pacific.


    Physical Product Design Specialists

    Design 1st is an award winning industrial design and mechanical engineering firm. Working with clients to create, evolve or re-design their physical products. Our services run from napkin sketch through prototyping and pre-production. It is a challenge to engineer and produce robust and reliable product especially when you add the human expectation that a product must look great and be easy to understand, use and maintain. We apply our knowledge and process experience to your program and deliver innovative world class products. Our clients are Product Development Managers, Project Managers, Start-ups, Inventors, and Establish companies with internal Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering capabilities that are looking for established, experienced teams that can work with their internal teams to develop new product, cost reduce current product, or add depth to their current capabilities. Established in 1996, Design 1st has a strong record of bringing the “wow” factor to our local, North American and In ternational clients.

    Design 1st Services:

    • Strategic Product Planning
    • Design Management
    • Product Brand Identity
    • Patentable Innovations
    • Industrial Design
    • Mechanical Solutions
    • Physical Engineering
    • Real & Virtual Prototyping
    • Injection Mold coordination
    • Global Supplier selection

    Are you and Inventor? We can help you make your product real.

    Are you a start up company? We can be your partner, augmenting your team with experienced Industrial Designers, Mechanical Engineers, and Project Management capabilities. We work with your internal team to create world class products. Turn us up or down based on your requirements, and budget.

    Are you a project manager with limited resources? Design1st has worked with many firms that have exception internal teams, but the work load is simply too much for the internal team handle. We can add the capabilities that you require to meet the deadlines in front of you.


    Design1st Inc.
    314 Athlone Avenue
    Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 5M4
    TEL: (613) 235-1004 x225
    FAX: (613) 613 235-2004


    Established in the late 1980's, Devon is a Microsoft Solution Provider Partner consisting of over 50 professionals experienced in all areas of information systems technology consulting. The Devon Group's Project Managers, Technology Architects and Technology Analysts provide expertise in the following technology areas:
    • Local and Wide Area Data Communications
    • Mainframe, Mini Computer and Personal Computer Hardware and Software
    • Imaging Technology
    • High Speed Electronic Document and Mailing Systems
    • Telephony and Call Centre Solutions
    • Inter/Intranet Security Systems
    Devon has also developed expertise in planning, installation and support Microsoft products. With Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers and Certified Product Specialists in foundation products, Devon is uniquely positioned to support the Microsoft environment.


    Over the course of 1998 Ajilon Canada (formerly DGS Information Consultants) became fully integrated with its parent company known as Ajilon Information Technology Services.

    Ajilon Canada posted revenues in 1998 of $79 million, this represents a 44 per cent growth over the 1997 revenues of $53.4 million. Ajilon Canada is forecasted to achieve revenues in 1999 of approximately $95 million. Ajilon Canada currently has nine offices servicing our customers from coast to coast.

    In Ottawa: 155 Queen Street, Suite 1206, Ottawa, Ontario. K1P 6L1. Phone: (613) 786-3106, Fax: (613) 567-3341 Email: ottawa@ajilon.ca


    DIPIX Technologies Inc. is a leader in the design of high-speed 3-D and 2-D inspection systems for moving products. Since 1992 the company has built its expertise in vision systems technology, leading to the design of our QualiVisionTM line of inspection systems.

    QualiVisionTM inspection systems are uniquely engineered to integrate leading-edge optical and electronic hardware, software and mechanical handling. Markets include high volume manufacturers of baked goods, snack foods, molded containers and auto parts.

    In late 1998 the company sold its vision boards business unit to CORECO. For information about these products visit the Coreco Website. For further information, contact: Tel: 613-596-4942, Fax: 613-596-4914, Toll Free: 800-724-5929, E-mail: qualivision@dipix.com,

    DIPIX Technologies Inc. 1051 Baxter Road, Ottawa, Ontario. K2C 3P1, Canada.


    DMR Consulting is a leading global provider of e-consulting services and business solutions to Fortune 1000 companies as well as to Internet start-ups. Our consultants design, build and operate high-impact e-solutions that measurably enhance business performance. A strategic member of the Fujitsu family of companies, DMR Consulting employs over 9,000 highly trained professionals in 65 offices worldwide.

    DMR Consulting has 27 years of experience in managing large-scale systems development and e.integration projects, combined with expertise in management consulting and emerging technologies. To date, DMR Consulting has served thousands of businesses and public enterprises internationally.

    With annual revenues of close to $US900 million for 2000, DMR Consulting is known for making IT investments pay off.

    Constitution Square, Suite 600, 360 Albert Street, Ottawa Ontario, K1R 7X7 -- (613) 238-2697


    DY 4 Systems Inc.(DYF:TSE), the world's leading provider of high-performance processing solutions for real-time, embedded applications. As the market leader, we design pacesetting products and services that provide superior performance and value for systems integrators.

    Available as integrated systems or stand-alone cards, DY 4’s embedded computing solutions are deployed throughout the world in a wide range of applications from semiconductor test equipment to mission computing systems for avionics, land, and spaced based platforms.

    DY 4's broad range of computer modules and sub-systems are based on leading edge commercial technologies - PowerPC™ and Pentium® processors, Texas Instruments C6X and Analog Devices SHARC® digital signal processors, 3D graphic processors, and Fibre Channel networking.

    Fax: (613) 599-7777 Phone: (613) 599-9191


    Dynasty Components Inc. (DCI) undertakes marketing and distribution of a vast array of high-technology products and services to design engineers and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). These products include semiconductors and other component level products; computer hardware, software, and peripherals; modem modules; GPS (global positioning systems); power products; memory modules; frequency control products; OEM subsystems; anti-static products; hand tools; and new proprietary technologies. The value-added services include marketing, product sourcing and device programming. The company offers these services through its business groups. The company's common shares are listed on The Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "DCI".


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    From offices in 33 Canadian cities, EDS specializes in applying new ideas and technologies to help business and government improve their performance and develop competitive advantage. The company employs 3,300 employees and serves client organizations across such sectors government, manufacturing, financial services, energy, transportation, health care and communications. Globally, EDS operates in 46 countries and employs more than 110,000 employees. EDS Canada offers customers the financial strength and stability required to make long-term partnerships meaningful and successful. Ottawa's Government Services Division employs more than 450 professionals.

    Address: World Exchange Plaza. 45 O'Connor Street, Suite 500, Tel: (613) 786-7000 Fax: (613) 787-5400.


    E-field Communications Inc. is a Federally Incorporated Canadian company which provides specialist expertise in a number of related areas:

    Modelling, simulation and assessment of the full range of radio frequency propagation effects on the performance of:

    Communications, Surveillance, Remote-Sensing and Electronic
    Warfare systems
    Terrestrial, Skywave or Earth-Space systems

    Design of field-trial measurement programs for collection of data to support system design or performance assessment.

    Technical literature searches to characterize world-wide or regional behaviour of system-critical parameters such as rainfall, tropospheric refractivity or ionospheric scintillation indices

    Training courses in electromagnetic wave propagation and in propagation related performance limitations on all types of RF systems operating between HF and SHF. Independent evaluation of system implementation options and contractor proposals

    And E-field Communications has:
    Security Cleared Personnel

    Field experience from the High Arctic to Southeast Asia


    The company was founded in 1997. It is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with sales and project offices across North America and around the globe. Over the last three years, Eftia's consistent vision, versatile products and unrivalled industry expertise have made it a world leader in OSS solutions.
    Eftia is fast, flexible and future focused. Just like its products. A cut above the rest.
    ADDRESS: Eftia OSS Solutions Inc. 360 Lisgar Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 2E4, CANADA, Phone: (613) 564-4407


    The Electronics Test Center (ETC) is Canada's leader in the testing and evaluation of electronic products, offering a broad range of certification services to help you meet all of your regulatory, quality improvement and performance testing needs including those used in telecommunications, medical and wireless applications. The Electronics Test Centre is also highly accredited and recognized in the military and aeronautical testing arena.

    Commited to customer service and quality assurance, ETC's team of specialists support industry efforts to market electronic products by providing complete "one-stop" testing, evaluation, engineering and documentation services.

    Our "design-to-delivery" consultation services meet both International and North American requirements, providing our clients with the necessary expertise to improve product design and increase market penetration in a timely, cost effective manner.

    As a CAB (Conformity Assessment Body) accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and with certifications from both the National Institute for Standards Technology and IT International in addition to ISO 9002 certification, we have met the rigid standards of ISO Guide 25.

    The Electronics Test Center is a division of MPB Technologies Inc.

    302 Legget Drive, #100 Kanata, Ontario
    Canada K2K 1Y5
    Tel: (613) 599-6800
    Fax: (613) 599-7614
    E-mail: emc@mpb-technologies.ca


    Canadian-owned EMCON develops, certifies and manufactures TEMPEST and rugged data processing equipment and systems. Our products are designed for both normal office and harsher environmental conditions, and are used to facilitate secure processing, storage and communication of sensitive or government classified information.

    We specialize in electromagnetic engineering and COMSEC design.

    EMCON develops, certifies and manufactures TEMPEST and rugged data processing equipment and specializes in electromagnetic engineering and COMSEC system design. With over 15 years of experience in the development of products for information security applications, EMCON continues to supply NATO Government users with a wide range of TEMPEST PCs and peripherals. EMCON is an Endorsed TEMPEST Test Facility and an Endorsed TEMPEST Manufacturer. TEMPEST-endorsed products are listed on the National Security Agency's Endorsed TEMPEST Products List (EPTL) and the NATO Recommended Products List (NRPL).


    Enterprise Information Systems Inc. was incorporated in 1991 to provide applications development, IT support, and training services. We concentrate on the private sector, in the Oracle and Windows computer environments. Our Oracle and Unix expertise, in addition to our Internet database development services, provides us with a competitive advantage in the high-tech arena.

    We have maintained a close association with Oracle Corporation over the years by providing contract instructors. EIS owes its Oracle expertise to a long, association with Oracle Education. Bryden Currie, Director of Education for Oracle Canada, says "EIS personnel have given us great service over the years, across the country. Their technical knowledge and professionalism are their key strengths.

    Many training organizations employ people exclusively as instructors; not EIS. Our motto is: "software developers make better instructors and instructors make better software developers." In preparing to teach, EIS developers expand their knowledge in both depth and breadth. "There is a motivator – fear of speaking in front of a group," says Jim Miles. He adds, "There is no substitute for experience when speaking in the classroom. Students of EIS instructors benefit from our real-world knowledge."

    By hiring, training, and employing EIS staff for both development and instructors duties, we have developed a very high standard of practical Oracle expertise. "TEACHING while DOING" is mutually reinforcing; what our instructors learn in preparation for teaching is brought to the development area. Lessons learned during development are presented in the classroom.

    As Oracle Database Developers, we concentrate on building a library of software components. We compete for business opportunities that allow us to leverage our expertise and experience in Oracle Database Development.
    ADDRESS: Enterprise Information Systems Inc. 880 Taylor Creek Drive Orleans, Ontario. K1C 1T1 -- Voice: (613) 837-9821 --- Fax (613) 837-4177 --- 1-800-720-5336


    Ernst & Young in Canada
    Ernst & Young is the professional services firm that contributes most to the success of its people and its clients by creating value and confidence. For our clients, the firm helps create the value that allows them to move forward confidently in the New Economy. For our people, the firm's world-class work environment helps create the confidence they need to achieve professional and personal fulfillment.In Canada, we provide business solutions to a wide variety of industries from coast to coast, offering traditional audit and tax services, as well as customized services in corporate finance, online security, risk management, the valuation of intangibles, and e-business acceleration. Integrated legal services are also available in Canada through the firm Donahue Ernst & Young, a member of Ernst & Young International, Ltd. Our unique approach creates the innovative atmosphere that enables people to anticipate, define, and solve the business performance issues that drive today's markets and the markets of the future.
    .Ottawa Address: 55 Metcalfe Street. Suite 1600. K1P 6L5 -- Tel. (613) 232-1511 or Fax (613) 232-5324



    Since its foundation in 1989 by president, Mark Bialic, Eurocom Corporation has vaulted to the lead of the notebook industry. Throughout its history the company has remained light years ahead of the competition by matching current high-end desktop technology while incorporating products on the verge of reaching their zenith.

    Eurocom focuses exclusively on Desktop Replacement Notebooks. This allows the company to provide the height of technology while guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Eurocom addresses all user needs through providing notebooks spanning the range from entry-level to high-end technology. In addition, Eurocom's notebooks are built on a customized basis so clients can select the individual configurations they require.

    Eurocom Corporation is based on the philosophy that the workplace PC, the home computer, and the laptop can all be replaced by a single, portable solution - the Desktop Replacement Notebook. Most notebooks are designed to compliment conventional purchase. However, Eurocom's Desktop Replacement Notebooks make conventional systems redundant by offering all the amenities of high-end computers in a portable package. Highlights range from 15.1-inch screens and full-sized keyboards to infrared ports and DVD-ROMs.


    We are committed to offering our clients, our suppliers, and our employees a new sense of freedom through innovative technology, ahead of its time, in the most personal way.

    Eurocom Corporation. 148 Colonnade Road.Nepean, Ontario. K2E 7R4.Phone: 613-224-6122.
    Fax: 613-224-2511 info@eurocom.ca



    Building people's computer skills through quality training to support the success of their business

    Our Vision
    To be the best and most reliable computer training organization serving professional users worldwide

    Our Values

    • Operate with a passion for training excellence, quality, and unrivaled customer service, providing the best learning experience to professional users in partnership with their organizations

    • Constantly listen to customers and act as one organization worldwide to design, develop and deliver products and services to meet their needs
    • Achieve superior results by leveraging the strengths of our worldwide network of learning centers and the dedication and teamwork of our people
    • Make ExecuTrain the best place to work in our industry, focusing on the growth of our employees, and the success of our franchise operators and affiliates
    • Promote respect for individuals, open communications and the highest level of integrity throughout our organization
    Mailing Address: Executrain of Ottawa. Standard Life Centre. 16th Floor - 280 Slater Street.Ottawa, Ontario. K1P 1C2. Contact Name: Gord Holmes, E-Mail gord_holmes@pbsc.com. Phone: (800) 667-0970. Fax: (800) 694-2395.


    In January 2001 Manitoba Telecom Services Inc. (“MTS”) announced the acquisition of the Exocom Group Inc. and their intention to consolidate Exocom with Qunara Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of MTS. This integration represented the alignment of two organizations both at positive stages in their evolution, both seeking to further capitalize on their unique strengths and increase their breadth of capability to address a market which had significantly shifted and redefined its value needs.

    While we saw the enormous opportunity offered by a full and rapid integration, we were extremely cautious not to lose focus on the needs of our clients and our employees as we went through this exciting stage in our growth.

    We are very pleased to announce that the integration will be completed on December 31st, capping off a year marked with many significant accomplishments by both Qunara and Exocom, including:

    • Awarded one of North America's largest PKI smart card deployment contracts, valued at $5.2 million (CDN), to deliver 80,000 "Entrust-ready(TM)" smart cards and 53,000 smart card readers and software to the Canadian Department of National Defence in partnership with Datakey Inc. Named a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in both e-Commerce and Enterprise Systems specializations, making it the first Canadian firm to receive both these partner certifications
    • Selected as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers for the second year running and profiled in Maclean’s magazine with companies from across Canada and across industry (not just hi-tech), as a company which places a significant priority on the interests of its employees and their career development and satisfaction.
    • First Canadian firm to meet Sun Microsystems Inc.’s SunTone(SM) Certification and Branding Program's availability, reliability and performance standards for managed hosting and security services.
    • Globally recognized and called upon by organizations in the US, the UK, Norway and Korea for its comprehensive and proven Risk Management and IT Security expertise, particularly in the areas of PKI and Registration Management.
    • Achieved 40% revenue growth, developed and delivered over 300 e-business solutions and filled more than 30 new full-time positions, despite the extremely uncertain cycles this industry has experienced in the last year.

    Our outlook for 2002 is extremely positive, as we kick off the New Year and launch the newly integrated company, which will be called Qunara Inc.

    Those of you familiar with Exocom can expect to see the name and Exocom brand transition to Qunara over the course of the next few months. While the Exocom brand became known for excellence in service delivery and quality, we want to further develop Qunara’s brand identity to reflect the momentum, innovation and agility of the combined organizations.

    Qunara is a company strategically architected to be versatile and responsive to the needs of today's client. As an employee based organization now 260 strong, we continue to grow a solid and experienced team, with exceptional credentials and references. A breadth of service capability and years of proven experience stand ready to address the priority technology needs of clients as they strive to gain business advantage.

    We thank our clients, partners and all key stakeholders for rewarding us with your continued trust and confidence. We believe that moving forward, you will be pleasantly surprised by what we have built and encouraged by the value Qunara can deliver, as an innovative organization grounded by solid and proven business fundamentals. In the coming months you can expect several announcements related to the exciting events taking place at Qunara and I encourage you to visit the new web site, which will launch by the end of January, to discover the differences at Qunara and learn about our fresh-minded approach to e-business.


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    Filltran Ltd has been manufacturing quality components since 1969. The principal users of these components are manufacturers of telephone and other communications equipment, computer peripherals, process control equipment, and instrumentation.

    Our customers include almost every major manufacturer of this kind of equipment in Canada and the US as well as many others in Britain, Europe and Asia. We ship products on a regular basis to more than 34 countries.

    In the past we designed and built products to meet customers' specifications or customers' drawings. We now offer a wide range of standard transformers, inductors, filters, and power supplies. We have also developed a facility to design and manufacture an extensive range of power conversion equipment, which includes DC to DC converters, DC to AC inverters, Off-line switch mode power supplies and Linear power supplies.


    Company Overview
    The Company was founded in 1984 under the name Saint John Naval Systems (SJNS) to serve Canada’s naval shipbuilding programs and to provide support to the Canadian Patrol Frigate project. The company has expanded over the years bringing together a team of engineers, technologists, technical writers and trainers, offering integrated logistics support services, consulting and engineering support services, all under one roof, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    In 1997 the company merged with Fleetway Inc. Consulting Services in Ottawa, Ontario to form a new company, Fleetway Inc., with offices in both Ottawa and Halifax. A wholly Canadian – owned company, Fleetway Inc. is an affiliate of Irving Shipbuilding Inc., and a member of the Irving group of companies. This enhanced corporate alignment opens markets previously unavailable to the separate entities. Fleetway Inc. is well positioned to respond to the needs of Government and commercial customers in the National Capital Region, Atlantic Canada and Canada-wide.

    Fleetway Inc. is able to offer a comprehensive, fully integrated, range of consultancy and engineering services, as well as design communications products to all its customers, present and future.

    Fleetway Inc. is involved in engineering support contracts for the Federal government, including the Department of National Defence, the Canadian Coast Guard and also provides a variety of management services to the emerging offshore exploration and development market specifically for Sable Offshore Energy Inc.

    Ottawa Office
    Suite 800,
    141 Laurier Ave. West,
    Ottawa, Ontario,
    Canada K1P 5J3
    phone: (613) 236-6048
    fax: (613) 236-2717
    e-mail: salesott@fleetway.ca
    click here to view Road Map


    ForeFront is an established Canadian Information Technology Services company that specializes in providing experienced consultants to our Clients. Our consulting services are used by clients in the Federal Government, Crown Corporations and private industry in both Canada and the USA.

    We provide our Clients with some of the best IT services and "just-in-time" resources in the industry. This fact is best demonstrated by the fact that we have had continuous, steady growth since our inception in 1991.

    Our services in application development and maintenance include Legacy/Mainframe systems, Client/Server, Year 2000, Windows, Object Oriented development, Database design and implementation, and Web Site development. Narrower areas of specialty are Strategic and Corporate Information Planning, Information Resource Management, Information Architecture, Data Modeling, Technical Writing, and Project Management.

    For information about how the ForeFront Group can help you meet your Information Technology goals and challenges, please contact our Sales office.


    FreeBalance Inc. creates the network for enterprises and government to collaborate in the global community. Founded in 1997, FreeBalance Inc. is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and Washington, D.C. Under the leadership of a seasoned management team, FreeBalance has developed a solid international client base of 80 government departments

    FreeBalance has established relationships with major organizations such as the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of the Army, State of California, New York State, Government of Canada, Government of Kosovo, Province of Ontario, and Atomic Energy Control Board. FreeBalance is also working to bridge the digital divide in emerging nations through its partnerships with the World Bank, USAID, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

    FreeBalance Inc. 55 Metcalfe Street, Suite 600, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 6L5. T: +1 613 236-5150 - F: +1 613 236-7785. e-mail: infolink@FreeBalance.com


    Since 1966 Friesen, Kaye and Associates has specialized in Training and Performance Improvement solutions. FKA products and services have been uniquely designed to deliver the latest techniques and tools to meet your business goals. Our extensive product line includes: a complete curriculum of workshops for training analysts, training designers, training deliverers, training managers and performance specialists; comprehensive consulting services that provide cost-effective performance and training solutions to address your specific business needs; and, leading-edge software tools for trainers to help you get the job done faster. All FKA products and services are part of our unique and robust Instructional Systems Design Methodology. It guides the creation, development and delivery of your training and performance improvement solutions.

    Ottawa 3448 Richmond Rd. Ottawa. Ontario. Canada. K2H 8H7. -- Tel: 613-829-3412. Fax: 613-829-0845


    Frobisher Financial Corporation is a financial services company specializing in asset based lending with a primary focus on accounts receivable financing (factoring).
    Located in Ottawa, Frobisher was formed in 1990 to meet the needs of a rapidly growing high tech community.
    Today, high technology accounts for the major portion of Frobisher’s receivable portfolio.

    ADDRESS: 75 Sparks St, Suite 903 Ottawa Ontario, Canada K1R 7X9 --
    Telephone: (613) 232-8712 Fax : (613) 230-8116


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    GasTOPS Ltd. specializes in the development and implementation of intelligent systems for marine, industrial and aeronautical machinery. Since 1979, GasTOPS has put its unique engineering capabilities to work to provide solutions for a wide spectrum of machinery design, operations and maintenance needs. This has resulted in technologically advanced products and related services that improve the effectiveness and reduce the ownership costs of mission-critical machinery systems.
    GasTOPS Ltd.
    1011 Polytek St.
    Ottawa, ON
    K1J 9J3
    Tel: 1+(613) 744-3530
    Fax: 1+ (613) 744-8846


    among the world's largest suppliers of mission critical e-Business Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and systems solutions to corporations around the globe. Operating globally with more than 10,000 businesses relying on our ERP systems every business day, Geac is an important and integral component of the emerging e-business world.
    Address: Geac Computer Corporation Limited, Yonge Corporate Centre, 4100 Yonge St., 6th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M2P 2B5, Canada. Tel: (416) 642-1960. Fax: (416) 642-1961. http://www.geac.com


    For more than 15 years, GAPC has worked on an unparalleled body of work and gained the loyalty and respect of countless independent producers in the film and television industry and corporate clients.
    We have become a trusted resource for professional (and often award winning) films, commercials, documentaries and corporate videos.
    Feel free to further explore any and all of our services and if you're interested in samples of our work, check-out our on-line Theatre and, coming soon, the Music Room.
    14 Colonnade Road North, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2E 7M6
    Phone: (613) 723-3316 Fax: (613) 723-8583


    General DataComm Industries, Inc. is a leader in the design, development, and manufacture of broadband, multimedia, and network access communications for service provider, government, and private enterprise networks. GDC has four business divisions: Broadband, Multimedia, Network Access, and VITAL Network Services L.L.C.

    Products and services in the Broadband Division include packet voice/data gateways for next-generation telecommunications providers. The Multimedia Division supplies the award-winning MAC 500 MPEG-2 ATM video concentrator, multipoint servers, gateways, MPEG-2 video interfaces and service provisioning platforms for IP and ATM networks. The Network Access Division offers DSL/UAS solutions and a broad range of network access products comprising frame relay probes, integrated analog, and DDS; all managed under a distributed, open SNMP network management framework. VITAL Network Services L.L.C. provides a full range of professional and traditional support services worldwide for converging data, voice, and video networks.

    Founded in 1969, GDC's world headquarters is in Middlebury, CT, and it has an extensive network of subsidiaries and partners located throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific Rim. The company employs approximately 1200 people. General DataComm trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol GDC.

    General DataComm boasts a proud history of developing quality-engineered products and value-added services, which meet the rigorous requirements of public and private telecom carriers worldwide.

    GDC's carrier-class products for multi-service broadband, multimedia, wide area network access and the administration and maintenance of global networks, support some of the world's leading public and private telecomm infrastructures.

    These products share a common goal: To provide
    reliable, cost-effective, and standards-compliant
    communications solutions to both service providers
    and corporate enterprise networks.

    The company is structured in four product and service divisions. They are:
    85 Albert Street Suite 1507 Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6A4 Tel:613-234-4005


    About Global Knowledge
    Founded in 1995, Global Knowledge is the world's largest independent provider of IT education solutions and certification programs, offering more than 700 courses in more than 60 international locations and in 15 languages. Global Knowledge's Blended Learning Solutions™ combine vendor-authorized and customer proprietary content with Global Knowledge-developed curricula delivered through virtual classroom e-Learning, self-paced e-Learning and traditional hands-on classroom learning. The company offers complete IT education program management solutions, including enrollment, assessment, progress tracking and certification. The company's software products division offers an extensive portfolio of e-learning performance support and training development tools.


    Global Knowledge is dedicated to improving the way companies and individuals learn, use, and master technology through educational solutions that empower customers with choice, allowing them to determine when, where, and how they want their IT education programs to be designed and delivered.


    Global Knowledge, a privately held company based in Cary, NC, is owned by New York-based investment firm Welsh, Carson, Anderson and Stowe.

    Market Share

    According to International Data Corporation (IDC), Global Knowledge is the third-largest provider of IT education solutions and holds 1.9% of total market share¹. In addition, Global Knowledge is the:

    #1 provider of networking training programs worldwide for combined vendor-authorized and proprietary programs #1 training provider worldwide for Cisco certification programs #1 training provider worldwide for Nortel certification programs #1 training provider worldwide for Entrust Security certification programs #1 training provider worldwide for Enterasys certification programs


    Global Knowledge employs more than 1,600 people worldwide.


    We are gevc interactive, providers of innovative, customized e-learning and integrated Web based solutions. A company of ideas, we combine creative strategy, technological know-how, and a proven development approach to deliver unique solutions that fulfill our client's communication goals.and enable them to effectively engage, inform and educate their customers.

    Since 1994, we have acquired a solid reputation for providing quality solutions for government, education and corporate clients. Our unique blend of expertise in design, education and new technologies enables us to create solutions to our client's most complex information needs - on time, on budget, and on target.

    204-301 Richmond Road, Ottawa Ontario. K1Z 6X3 Phone: 613-798-0482 Fax: 613-798-0540.
    e-mail: iwannalearn@gevc.com


    Our Service

    Companies looking for a market-responsive, user-centered focus in their new product initiatives look to Gibson Product Design for innovative development talent.

    We create fresh, intelligent concepts that define the visible, tactile, and functional qualities of new products. We then nurture these concepts to production.

    With experience that spans twenty years, Gibson Product Design brings efficiency, perspective, and award winning professionalism to every project.

    Address: Gibson Product Design, 108 York Street. Ottawa, Ontario. K1N 5S6. Tel.: (613) 241-8668. Fax: (613) 241-3314. e-mail: info@gibsonproduct.com.


    Individual Wealth and Benefit Consultants

    We are employee benefit consultants that specialize in providing benefits to self employed individuals and consultants. In the past this select group have had trouble obtaining these benefits on an individual basis. Our goal is to make these products available to individuals at the least possible cost.
    Why Us?
    Due to our purchasing power we are able to make a commitment that, no matter which benefits are chosen by the employee, the coverage will be the least expensive available to them on an individual basis. To ensure that this is always the case we provide computerized quotations from 40 different companies for each individual. Our clients appreciate this service because they are unable to shop the market for the best price the way we are. Our expertise and dedication in this field has proved invaluable to providing quality benefits at inexpensive prices and, in many cases, has provided benefits that were previously unavailable. At The Group Advantage professionals and support staff with over 35 years of experience create a partnership with customers based on trust. Since we are brokers we can recommend the best solution to always find a perfect fit for the client. Effectiveness and prompt service is our priority. The Group Advantage will be here to continue to serve you in order to adjust to your changing needs in years to come.

    Health Dental Life
    Disability Critical Illness Contact Us
    (613) 726-3483 (613) 720-9939


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    Since 1988, The Halifax Group has provided system engineering, project planning,learning technology, and procurement management services to federal and provincial governments. Representative projects include the design, procurement and implemetation of a coast-to-coast secure network for DND; the initial work breakdown, budgeting and resource allocation for the Canadian Firearms Centre for Bill C68; the design, development and delivery of customized training programs for several government departments and major corporations; and the outsourcing of the Canadian Foreign Services Language School. Tel: (613) 230-3337.


    A recognized and award winning industry leader with over 1000 customers worldwide, Halogen Software is known for their powerful, simple to use and affordable employee performance and talent management applications that make HR best-practices accessible to companies of all sizes. They provide a complete suite of web-based solutions that automate, simplify and integrate employee performance management, 360/multi-rater feedback, compensation, succession planning and learning management. And they delight customers with their exceptional implementation and support services. Industry specific suites are available to meet the needs of healthcare, financial services and professional services organizations. For more information, visit www.halogensoftware.com.


    Serving corporate customers in Ottawa and Toronto, Harris is an experiences supplier of computer hardware and networking solutions. With an extensive technical staff including specialists in Novell and Windows NT, the company has become a leader in the supply, install and maintenance of networks. Although Harris is an authorised name brand reseller and service provider, a large proportion of its business involves custom-building first rate compatible systems to fit particular customer applications. In order to help its customers with the Year 2000 problem, Harris offers a "Year 2000 Impact Assessment". For more information call: (613) 828-1280.


    Herzing College, the only National Accredited (CETAC) Private College in Eastern Ontario, specializes in Database Programming; Computer Systems Technology; Business Applications Software, Computer Networking and Internet Management. Students earn diplomas in eight to twelve months. Those who complete a one year plus Internet Management may have these credits transferred towards a bachelors degree program at a Herzing College in the U.S. Graduates are prepared to enter the work force with confidence and high demand skill sets. The college currently attracts three to four hundred students a year, a ninety percent plus employment rate, as well as a 84 percent graduation rate.


    Hewlett-Packard Company is a leading global provider of computing, internet and intranet solutions services communication products and measurement solutions, all of which are recognized for excellence in quality and support. HP has 125,000 employees and has revenues of $43B in its 1997 fiscal year.Hewlett Packard (Canada) Ltd., has been serving the needs of Canadians for over thirty seven years. The company employs approximately 1,600 people at 28 different locations and had revenue of 1.6B in fiscal year 1997. Toll Free 1-800-387-3867.


    At Hewson Bridge and Smith Ltd., we're in the business of helping you reach your target audience. We're marketing communications specialists. We specialize in strategic business-to-business advertising, marketing support, public relations and corporate communications. We integrate print, television, radio, out-of-home media, new media, trade show and recruitment strategies. Our goal? To captivate and motivate your audience to buy your products, services and ideas ­ so you bridge that gap between you and your prospects. Here's our boilerplate:
    • riveting ideas since 1976
    • welding research, advertising, PR, IR, DM, WWW, multimedia, trade show and other strategies together to generate results
    • engineering local, national and international marketing communications campaigns
    • our crew of 25 bridge builders plans, creates, writes, designs, directs, executes, places and monitors, producing about $5 million worth of effective marcomm each year
    • our 10,000-sq.-ft. company-owned facility houses our substantial investment in technology and has been known to host the odd party
    • fixed links to the business community include our affiliations with CATA, OCRI, OED, New Media North, IABC, ASA, GDC, PMB, Capital Alliance Ventures Advisory Board, TVD and PIMA
    Office: Hewson Bridge and Smith Ltd., 601 Bank Street, Ottawa
    (We're one block south of the Queensway.)
    Phone: (613) 238-7108
    Fax: (613) 238-7468
    E-mail: corp@hbs.ca
    Mailing address: Hewson Bridge and Smith Ltd.
    601 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 3T4


    Recently, Hill and Knowlton Canada was honoured as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers by Mediacorp Canada Inc. The award winners were announced in the November 5th edition of Maclean's Magazine, and Hill and Knowlton will be profiled in more detail in Mediacorp's second annual edition of Canada's Top 100 Employers, being released later this month. Hill and Knowlton Canada gratefully acknowledges receipt of this award and would especially like to thank all of our clients - some of whom have also won the award this year - and our dedicated staff members across the country.

    To find the Top 100, Mediacorp began with 42,000 companies they regularly track as part of their business, and then sent questionnaires to the 5,000 fastest-growing employers, large and small. In narrowing down to the Top 100, Mediacorp asked several questions which included:

    * Is the employer's business expanding and likely to grow?
    * Is the physical environment of their workplace stimulating?
    * Do they let employees know if they are performing well in their job?
    * Is the physical environment of their workplace stimulating?
    * Do they let employees know if they are performing well in their job?
    * Do they keep employees informed about company news and developments affecting their jobs?
    * Are their employment benefits and vacation allowance exceptional for the industry?
    * Overall, do they go the extra distance to attract and retain outstanding employees?
    * What charitable work is the company involved with?

    Hill and Knowlton Canada is proud to put our people first, and we have found that in doing so, client satisfaction, profits and job satisfaction have followed closely thereafter. Thanks to all who have contributed to our winning this award.

    Hill & Knowlton is Canada's industry leader in public relations, public affairs and strategic communications. We offer, through our extensive network in Canada and around the world, the most complete range of services to meet all your communications needs.

    In today's increasingly vigilant and information-driven marketplace, communications has become a cornerstone of success. Our strategic counsel - delivered by a dedicated team of experienced and seasoned professionals - is helping many of the world's leading corporations and organizations, large and small, react quickly and creatively to change, giving them the insight to turn unexpected risk into competitive advantage.

    Using traditional methodologies as well as cutting-edge technologies, we develop integrated communications strategies consistent with clients' overall business and marketing strategies, and deliver relevant messages to target audiences.

    Our dedication and commitment to client service combined with our depth of expertise and breadth of experience ensures that all our work meets the highest standards of excellence, creativity and quality while delivering measurable results.


    Hitachi TrueNorth™
    A Vision for Open Information Management

    Today's IT managers are facing the twin challenges of ever-growing storage and limited resources. That's why we developed a new direction—Hitachi TrueNorth—a vision for the future of information management that leverages the synergies of an open, management framework and powerful, intelligent storage systems. Within this vision, we continue our collaborative approach by building our strategic alliances to deliver complete solutions. With Hitachi TrueNorth, you can simplify, protect and optimize your information infrastructures, reduce TCO and accelerate ROI.

    TrueNorth Brochure (PDF-154KB)
    Hitachi TrueNorth Vision for Open Information Management (PDF-731KB)
    Hitachi Data Systems
    1130 Morrison Drive, Suite 200
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K2H 9N6, Canada
    Phone: 613-726-9324 ------ Fax: 613-726-9327


    Based in Switzerland, HUBER+SUHNER since the 1800's has maintained a strong position at the forefront of technology. Today's company, headquartered in Herisau, Switzerland, began in 1969 with the merging of two companies: Suhner+Company AG (founded in 1864 in Herisau) and Aktiengesellschaft R. & E. Huber AG (1881, Pfaffikon/ZH). This continually expanding company, with 12 manufacturing facilities and over one hundred sales offices worldwide, has two ISO 9000 certified manufacturing facilities and its North America Headquarters in Vermont.

    HUBER+SUHNER, Inc., located in Essex, VT is the North America Headquarters and main manufacturing facility in North America. For ten years the company has manufactured RF and microwave cable assemblies and connectors. Expansion added a connector plating facility in 1997 and a fiber optic cable assembly shop in 1999. The organization is ISO 9001 certified and recently received ISO 14001 certification, one of only 4 companies in Vermont with this status. In addition to HUBER+SUHNER, Inc.'s Vermont operation, sales offices are located in Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas. An additional 30,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and warehouse space adjacent to its Essex, VT plant was completed in early 2001.

    Our position in North America is further supported by the state-of the-art facility at our sister company, Champlain Cable Company, in Colchester, VT manufacturing high quality cable for the communication and automotive industries. Additionally, HUBER+SUHNER (Canada) Ltd. headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, supports our Canadian customers with sales offices in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary.

    All of our activities, from procurement and manufacturing to quality standards and customer service, have one goal: total customer satisfaction. To support our customers HUBER+SUHNER has a network of dedicated, knowledgeable sales representatives, authorized manufacturing representatives and distributors located throughout the United States and Canada. As an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified manufacturing facility, processes and procedures are maintained to quickly respond to all customer requests. HUBER+SUHNER, Inc. strives to implement effective environmental, health and safety management systems to protect our employees, their families, the community and our customers from the potential adverse effects of its processes, products and services. This commitment is achieved through investment of company resources, including capital and expense monies, employee training, and the continual improvement process. These policies are excepted from the HUBER+SUHNER, Inc. management system manual, US-ES_REG_M-0.1e.


    HUBER+SUHNER Inc. customers' expectations, satisfaction and delight are the highest priorities in business decisions, and quality is a major element of all business planning and goals. We strive to continually improve every aspect of our business, and therefore we advert and prevent costly waste, mistakes and delays. The policy is shaped by:

    Customer Delight - Our customers define the level of quality. We strive to meet and exceed their expectations. Continual Improvement - Our processes are the paths toward customer delight and we strive to continually improve them. Total Company Involvement - Every employee has an important role in quality improvement and customer delight.


    Our Environmental, Health and Safety policy guides us to minimize our impact on the environment and to provide a safe, healthy workplace for employees. We are committed to:

    Prevention of Pollution through compliance to regulations, consideration and review of long term environmental impacts of our products and designs; including manufacturing, use and disposal recycling, resource use reduction, process changes, increased efficiency, conservation, and treatment of hazardous materials. Continual Improvement of our processes which comprise our environmental, health and safety management systems. Regulation Compliance to all pertinent environmental, health and safety regulations through acute awareness and vigilance.


    HUBER+SUHNER is a leading supplier of communication infrastructure products for a wide range of industry's from wireless personal communication systems to medical monitoring equipment and broadband networks. We manufacture cable, connectors, cable assemblies, antennas, lightning protectors and other products for RF, microwave, and fiber optic applications.

    Our product and logistic service options include:

    Components supply
    Consignment agreements
    Value-added component kits and kitting Services
    Turn-key assembly and installation services

    Additionally, HUBER+SUHNER provides engineering support services to our customers. Support services encompass:

  • RF and Fiber Optic Design assistance
  • Component integration design and production
  • Custom designs products and assemblies
  • Systems design from cell site transmission line packages to indoor distributed antenna systems

    HUBER+SUHNER is an approved "Ship-To-Stock" supplier with EDI and bar code capability and many of our initiatives, qualified according to international product standards, are approved by recognized testing bodies (VDE, SEV, UL, CECC, BWB, MIL, IC, FCC, etc.). Moreover, we secure "Preferred Vendor" ratings from many reputable companies worldwide.


    The primary principle governing all HUBER+SUHNER activities is a clear orientation toward the market and its needs. HUBER+SUHNER invests heavily in the development of new products, technologies and processes. Capital investments are made in test and measurement equipment and automated production and assembly equipment to provide complete process control during manufacturing and yield the highest quality products.

    As a vertically integrated supplier, cables and connectors are design-optimized for the highest mechanical and electrical performance. Stringent orientation and training is provided to all new employees within their work cell using mentors to build new skills.

    As the communication industry expands and converges, HUBER+SUHNER is doing the same. The Wireless and Fiber Optic Systems Group focuses on value-added initiatives and the dynamics of converging markets through growth in fiber optics and wireless systems design. This group works with customers to identify and develop high level applications and new markets in communication systems design and build-out. They combine the strengths of HUBER+SUHNER's individual product lines with complimentary products and services to assist customers in building solutions. This group provides design and development, not just components for fixed and mobile wireless operators as well as broadband cable plant operators and owners. The Interconnect Group brings more focus to our core business - connectors, cable and cable assemblies. The group's primary responsibility is the continued support of key customers in wireless infrastructure, telecommunications, radio engineering and navigation, data and measuring technology applications and many other fields. Through value-added kits and the design of new products and services, the Interconnect Group builds on the strength of HUBER+SUHNER stand-alone products and provides additional support and resources to customers.


    Sales Contact Info
       Hummingbird Ltd. (Toronto)
       Corporate Headquarters
       1 Sparks Avenue
       North York, Ontario
       Canada M2H 2W1
       416 496 2200

       Hummingbird Ltd. (Ottawa)
       80 Aberdeen Street
       Ottawa, Ontario
       Canada K1S 5R5


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    IBISKA is a dynamic Professional Services Company with a single focus. Networks. Our customers are global organizations who need senior expertise. We are known as "The Network People".

    Our People
    Our product portfolio is networking expertise, yet our distinctive advantage is our people. Our consultants are experienced individuals with many years in the networking industry. Our independent focus on networking technologies allows IBISKA to attract highly motivated individuals into a progressive culture that is based on openness, sharing and professional development, leading to superior efficiency in responding to the business needs of our clients.

    Our Clients
    At IBISKA, we believe that our Relationship Building Culture is a core business ingredient to our success. We take the time to understand your organization and requirements. With our ability to deliver services and solutions globally, our clients have engaged our network expertise in mission critical network projects in the United States and Canada, Europe, South America, the Caribbean and the Far East.

    Our Operations Team
    As a potential client of IBISKA, you will notice one thing immediately. Our people know the networking industry. Our competitors believe that supplying you with a bundle of paper qualifications is the key to getting your business. The IBISKA philosophy is to first understand, build a relationship, and then to earn your confidence. As a client of IBISKA you will work with a Client Team that understands your environment and wants to understand your mission. An IBISKA client team is made up of technical managers, recruiting specialists and sales executives working as a focused unit, focused on your goals. We have built a superior team with a superior organization that can deliver results for you.

    Our Executive Management Team
    It takes a strong diversified team to provide leadership. Follow this link to learn more.



    IntegrOS is a HighTech company providing Integral Office Solutions - our goal is to help companies getting on the market right away. IntegrOS is located in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). Providing solutions that posses everything essential for your business. Whatever your Information Technology requirements are, IntegrOS can provide an Integral Solution for you.
    ADDRESS: IntegrOS Integral Office Solutions 3205 Uplands Drive, Unit 9, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 9T3 Canada.
    TEL: (613) 260-1301


    IHS Enterprise Solutions Group

    IHS Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) is in the business of building information management solutions for clients around the world. ESG has operations in 7 countries with employees of 450 and an annual billing base of over $40M. The IHS ESG delivers cost-effective, value-added, timely implementations of scalable information and data management services to meet the individual needs of client organizations. IHS ESG services include: data conversion, Web hosting, enterprise-wide applications design and development, and custom database development and management. Overall, IHS ESG resources and development expertise are strategically located to provide global support and service of our international target client base.

    IHS Solutions Canada

    Within the IHS Enterprise Solutions Group, IHS Solutions Canada holds a prominent position. IHS Solutions employs over 35 full-time staff members, and has annual revenue of over $5 Million all in our core markets of portals and system integration. Our solutions provide a "single point of access" to your corporate information and enterprise systems. Our expertise lies in turning your information into a strategic asset by implementing a solution customized to meet your information needs.

    IHS Solutions has been in business from our headquarters in Ottawa since 1988. IHS Solutions has successfully delivered information technology services to the Government of Canada, to the private sector, and to international customers in many industries. Our site is secret cleared and many of our staff are cleared to Top Secret due to our work in the security and intelligence community.

    Parent Company - Information Handling Services Group Inc. (IHS Group)

    The IHS Group has over 40 years of experience in providing marketing leading information management services and information technology. Headquartered in Colorado with 3000 employees around the world and $600M in annual revenue, the IHS Group of companies serve the focused needs of a variety of technical, professional and business markets. IHS Group owns Micromedia, IHS Engineering and IHS Solutions, all of which either create content, manage content, convert data or help aggregate and display information. IHS Solutions may consequently call upon the resources of a network of international IHS Group operating subsidiaries serving government, engineering and regulatory markets in more than 95 countries. IHS Group's own operating subsidiaries represent the leading technical information companies in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, South Africa and the United States.


    IHS Solutions Limited
    1 Antares Drive, Suite 200
    Ottawa, ON
    Canada K2E 8C4


    iMPath Networks is a leading provider of video networking solutions for the surveillance and enterprise video markets. Through partnerships with some of the world's other leading networking equipment vendors, iMPath is able to provide its customers with end-to-end networking solutions that enable customers to affordably access video services that were previously unavailable while helping service providers increase the manageability and profitability of their networks. Hundreds of installations worldwide substantiate the company's proven track record and expertise in the video networking industry.

    The Company is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and has operations in the U.S., Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. Partnerships with some of the world's largest systems integrators extend the company's reach into South America and Africa.

    Our Vision

    iMPath's corporate vision is to become a significant enabler of "anywhere, anytime" video with its suite of IP networking solutions for the surveillance and enterprise video markets. As the consumer market shifts towards the adoption of new video services, likely to be fueled by the development of broadband wireless and handheld IP devices, iMPath will develop new technologies and partnerships to expand its focus accordingly.

    Our Products

    iMPath offers four product families of video networking equipment as follows:

    (1) the Vision series, for single channel video fiber optic transmission systems capable of optionally integrating multiple channels of data and/or audio;

    (2) the Guardian series of multichannel video multiplexers, for multichannel digital video transmission over fiber in either point-to-point or ring network configurations;
    (3) the TransPorter series of multichannel video fiber optic transmission systems, for industrial strength applications that run in demanding environments;
    (4) the i-Volution family of MPEG digital Video Over IP networking products for virtual surveillance and enterprise network applications that can extend across a campus or around the world;

    The breadth of iMPath's product mix helps the company invariably meet the unique needs of each of its customers. In addition to the video networking equipment, iMPath offers the TeleVue Applications Management System, a powerful, user-friendly software management platform that enables end-users to remotely configure, monitor and control their video networking equipment. SNMP compatibility allows the system to be integrated with higher level network management systems, such as HP Openview™. Additionally, a published Application Programming Interface (API) allows 3rd party systems integration partners to write software applications that further integrate TeleVue features and commands within their specific applications.

    Contact: Neil Lowes - North American Sales, - 1431 Merivale Road, - Ottawa, Ontario K2E 1B9 --- Tel: 1 613 226 4000 Ext 208 Fax: 1 613 226 4602 nlowes@impathnetworks.com


    INAWIRE Inc. is a private Canadian company located in Almonte, Ontario - which is near both Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and Kanata, headquarters for what is known as Silicon Valley North. We actively pursue the "Global Village" concept, with satisfied clients from Canada to California to Brazil.

    As developers, our team stays connected to the "Wired World" using the best resources available to develop our products. We prove to our clients on a daily basis that it is possible to develop quality, creative solutions anywhere. Our client base includes local and international high technology companies and government organisations that use a variety of our products and services.

    INAWIRE's strength builds on a firm understanding of the up-to-date tools and techniques available for development, while our success lies in listening to our clients requirements and building products that provide the ideal solution. As professionals, all members of our team are committed to the design and production of state-of-the-art products, while realising the need for adherence to schedules and budgets.

    INAWIRE, a group of partners with over 50 combined years of skills in the development of computer-based training (CBT), provides the team leadership for all projects. We put that combined experience to work for our clients, allowing our talented development and creative specialists to create high quality products designed specifically to meet the needs of each one of our clients.

    Over the last several years, the INAWIRE team has successfully transferred the skills from creating training projects to developing web based applications that enhance access and control for our clients. We believe that this an ideal usage of the world-wide-web, allowing people to have increased access the information that they need - and to build it into their work environment.

    In addition to the creation of custom projects, INAWIRE also works on joint ventures and strategic alliances to strengthen our goal of creating unique solutions. If you have a specific proposal in mind, please contact us directly.

    INAWIRE Inc.
    7 Mill Street, P.O.Box 1548
    Almonte, Ontario, Canada. K0A 1A0.
    Tel: (613) 256-WIRE (9473)
    Fax: (613) 256-5551
    Email: contactus@inawire.com


    ITAC is the voice of the Canadian information technology industry. Together with its partner organizations across the country, the association represents 1300 companies in the computing and telecommunications hardware, software, services, and electronic content sectors. This network of companies accounts for more than 70% of the 542,000 jobs, $132.6 billion in revenue, $5.3 billion in R&D expenditure and $44 billion in exports that IT contributes annually to the Canadian economy.

    ITAC's mission is to identify and lead on issues that affect our industry and to advocate initiatives, which will enable its continued growth and development.

    130 Albert Street, Suite 500, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1P 5G4 Phone: (613) 238-4822 - Fax: (613) 238-7967


    Since 1986, we have been providing efficient consulting services and workforce solutions to our clients in the National Capital Region. We achieve success by building and nurturing trusted, long-term partnerships with clients as well as candidates, and by matching the best person or team with the appropriate job.


    Postal address inGenius People Inc 30 Rosemount Avenue Suite 200 Ottawa, ON K1Y 1P4 Canada         TEL: (613) 729-6400 Fax: (613) 729-6770.


    Instantel has established a world wide reputation with practical reliable products based on proven technologies. Instantel has developed miniaturized radio frequency technology to protect Alzheimer's patients (WatchMate) from wandering and Emergency Responce Systems (MyCall) for staff and residence in hospitals and assisted living facilities. Instantel's latest product is the HUGS Infant Protection System which protects infants from abduction. The technology also is used to track and locate, in real time, assets inside buildings(Findit) and to prevent the theft of assets (Keepit) such as laptop computers. Instantel is the world leader in the development of monitoring technology (BlastMate and VODMate) to measure and analyze man made ground vibration and air pressure from blasting to traffic monitoring. InstantelInc., 362 Terry Fox Drive. Tel: (613) 592-4642 Fax: (613) 592-4296 Toll Free: 800-267-9111.


    Intelcan Technosystems Inc. is a world class supplier of wireless telecommunications and air traffic management solutions. Over the past 28 years our products, systems and services have been deployed in over sixty countries world-wide. Intelcan is a turnkey contractor for international infrastructure projects such as airport infrastructure and telecom networks. Our complete turnkey capability will take a project from its initial design stages right through to installation and commissioning

    Headquartered in Canada, and with a track record of success that spans over 25 years in 60 countries, Intelcan Technosystems Inc. has built an international reputation for excellence. Specializing in the telecommunications, civil aviation and information technology sectors, Intelcan has pioneered the use of the most advanced technology to deliver time saving, comprehensive solutions.

    Intelcan Technosystems Inc. designs, builds, and installs turnkey infrastructure projects in emerging markets. The Company's projects include airport terminal development, the design and installation of air traffic control systems, and the provision of public and private telephone and data networks, principally in Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe.


    Interactive Circuits and Systems Ltd. (ICS) offers "open architecture" boards and sub-systems level products for real-time data acquisition applications. ICS products are used in high-end embedded sensor processing applications, including sonar, radar, wireless, signal intelligence and test and measurement applications. ICS analog I/O, interfacing and front-end DSP boards are available in both VME and PCI bus forms.

    ICS also offers fully integrated acquisition, archiving, processing and analysis solutions for sonar, radar, communications and test and measurement applications. These solutions are typically delivered in 90 days and at a catalog price.

    ICS pioneered the FPDP data flow concept, which is now an industry standard. FPDP simplifies system integration by offering a sustained data flow at a rate of 160 Megabytes per second. The recently announced FPDPII enhances the rate to 400 Mbytes/s.

    ADDRESS:     Interactive Circuits and Systems Ltd. 5430 Canotek Road Gloucester, Ontario Canada K1J 9G2 Tel: (613) 749-9241 Fax: (613) 749-9461.


    MAKING WAVES: Since 1984, International Datacasting Corporation has been on the cutting edge of digital information technologies. IDC has evolved over the years into a world leader in products, systems, and service for broadband multimedia content distribution via satellite. In recent years IDC has moved from being primarily a manufacturer of hardware and software into providing integrated solutions and offering custom engineering and teleport services.

    IDC develops and manufactures hardware and software at our Ottawa, Canada factory under a rigorous ISO 9002 quality management system. IDC continues to be on the cutting edge of innovation and also produces custom products for select customers. Core products include hardware and software for high-speed broadband connectivity via satellite. Special competencies include sophisticated network management, conditional access, and IP multicasting.

    IDC offers a unique expertise in integrating the various hardware and software, as well as special capabilities and system features required for today's advanced networks. By offering end-to-end "turnkey" solutions, IDC eliminates the uncertainty inherent in dealing with multiple providers at the system level. With the addition of Storm Internet and CDS/Prometheus to the corporate group IDC immediately enhanced and extended our ability to push beyond the boundaries of satellite networks and offer terrestrial "last mile" solutions, domestically and internationally.

    For selected customers who prefer not to own and operate their own network IDC can provide datacasting services from our Ottawa teleport facility. Because the teleport is built around IDC's SuperFlex DVB technology which accommodates multiple multimedia services – including audio, video, streaming media, Internet data, any digital data – easily and efficiently. IDC also offers custom engineering services and expert consultation.

    IDC is a member of the DVB organization, OCRI, and the National Association of Broadcasters.

    Address: 2680 Queensview Drive Ottawa, Ontario CANADA K2B 8H6 tel: 613-596-4120 fax: 613-596-4863


    corporate profile

    With our head office in Ottawa, Canada's capital, Intoinfo Inc. is a leader in Internet consulting for public, private, and not-for-profit organizations. We are especially proud of our partnership with the federal government as we support, and are highly involved in many Government On-Line initiatives. Moreover, our Internet expertise allows us to be a key industry player in the areas of e-planning, e-production, and e-promotion.

    Since our inception in 1995, we have dedicated our efforts to customer intimacy, coupled with passion and operational excellence. This has allowed us to achieve success in providing superior client-centric services. The work that we have done for our clients has been well recognized in the industry as we have become one of the leading and longest standing Internet strategy consulting firms in Ottawa today.

    Our team of seasoned professionals applies its knowledge and expertise to create innovative solutions that respond to the ever-changing e-business environment. Using our proven methodology, we provide you with superior levels of quality and personalized products and services that can help you overcome your most perplexing issues - those with no obvious answers and a high level of uncertainty; those that may determine the success of your organizational objectives; or those that lead to the creation of something entirely new.

    Intoinfo Inc. 56 Sparks Street | Suite 500 | Ottawa, ON | K1P 5A9 Tel: (613) 233-0807 | Fax: (613) 233-0156


    ISS Integrated Security Solutions is a leading provider of integrated security systems products and services in the global marketplace. From turnkey systems installations to partner-supported implementations, ISS provides flexible solutions in today’s ever-changing building systems market. With ISS, users achieve lower project and lifecycle costs, value-added one-stop shopping, increased organizational efficiencies, and the best total system solutions possible.

    ISS is the intelligent choice for system designers and security managers around the world.

    Address: ISS Corporate Headquarters ISS Integrated Security Solutions 8 Hearst Way Kanata, Ontario K2L 2P4 Tel: 613-591-0762 Fax: 613-591-0435


    i-STAT Corporation develops, manufactures and markets medical diagnostic products for blood analysis, providing critical diagnostic information to health care professionals accurately and immediately at the point of patient care.

    Through the use of advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology, established principles of electrochemistry and state-of-the-art computer electronics and software, i-STAT developed the world's first hand-held automated blood analyzer capable of performing a panel of commonly ordered blood tests on 2-3 drops of blood in just two minutes at the patient's side.

    The Institute for Information Technology is one of the National Research Council's research institutes. Its mission is to assist industry through collaborative research and development projects. The Institute works with companies individually and in groups, with product developers and lead users, with firms both large and small.

    As a service to Artificial Intelligence researchers internationally, the Institute for Information Technology maintains a comprehensive list of pointers to AI resources on the Internet.

    IIT is a member of the Canadian Technology Network

    ADDRESS: Montreal Road (South Campus)



    Beyond 20/20 Inc.

    Beyond 20/20 is the market leader in developing software specifically for data dissemination. Used by the world's largest statistical agencies, international organizations and corporations. Beyond 20/20's extensive family of desktop and Internet-based software products empowers end-users to visualize and analyze data quickly and cost-effectively. Beyond 20/20 offers a unique feature set, outstanding speed and ease-of-use.

    Based in Ottawa, Canada, Beyond 20/20 Inc. was formed in 1987 under the name Ivation Datasystems Inc. as a consulting firm. Beyond 20/20 Inc.'s founding partners - all highly experienced in the field of socioeconomic computing - soon realized there was a need for innovative, easy-to-use software tools to disseminate and manipulate multidimensional data. In 1988, they started creating products for this and they continue today to improve the Beyond 20/20 products to answer the markets needs.

    Already, 500,000 copies of Beyond 20/20 products have been licensed and are in use in over 40 countries. Beyond 20/20 products have become a standard for disseminating, presenting and viewing many types of data.

    The Beyond 20/20 software family is a comprehensive suite of customizable dissemination, analysis and visualization products for organizational data, in both the Internet and desktop environments. Beyond 20/20 provides dynamic access to complex data through tabular presentations, charts and maps to identify cycles, trends and geographic distributions.

    Beyond 20/20 is already the world's leading software product for data dissemination. Now organizations worldwide, who want to increase the value and the use of their data, are discovering what our current clients have known for years - Beyond 20/20 is a unique, world-class software for understanding and sharing data, and offers advantages found in no other commercial product.

    Beyond 20/20 Inc.'s customers include such prestigious organizations as Statistics Canada, the US Census Bureau, STAT-USA, the national statistics agency of France (INSEE), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Statistics New Zealand and many more. Hundreds of thousands of information consumers worldwide use Beyond 20/20 to view, analyze, and print data distributed by these agencies.

    Beyond 20/20 Inc. is more than a producer of software. Beyond 20/20 Inc.'s Professional Services group provides consulting services in support of the Beyond 20/20 product family. These services include start-up assistance, project management, custom development, and even turnkey data product development. Professional Services also plays a critical role in defining and enhancing the company's software development efforts. With long-term consulting relationships with customers such as Human Resources and Development Canada, the US Census Bureau, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Professional Services is a key element of Beyond 20/20 Inc.'s full-service strategy.

    From its roots as a small, highly specialized consulting practice, Beyond 20/20 Inc. has grown to become a world leader in supplying proven products and solutions to organizations who want to increase the value and usefulness of their data.

    Address: Beyond 20/20 Inc. 265 Carling Avenue Suite 500 Ottawa, Ontario K1S 2E1 CANADA Telephone: (613) 563-3993 Fax: (613) 563-7233

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    J.D. Edwards develops enterprise/supply chain computing solutions that enable you to translate good ideas into practical realities quickly and efficiently. We call this capability "Idea to Action™." As you face increasingly unpredictable markets, customers, and competitors, business control hinges on your ability to implement new ideas and innovations across your organization. And more businesses are looking to J.D. Edwards to help them achieve Idea to Action — some 5,000 in more than 100 countries at last count. Our comprehensive, integrated solutions for manufacturing, distribution, finance, and human resources combine with a flexible technology architecture to help you to put ideas into action with unprecedented control.


    JDS Uniphase is a high-technology company that designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes a comprehensive range of products for the growing fiberoptic communication market. These products are deployed by system manufacturers worldwide to develope advanced optical networks for the telecommunications and cable television industries. JDS Uniphase Corporation is traded on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol JDSU and the exchangeable shares of JDS Uniphase Canada Ltd. are trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol JDU. In Canada Tel: 1-613-727-1303 in the United States Tel: 1-408-434-1800


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    KPMG LLP is the Canadian member firm of KPMG International, a Swiss Association. KPMG is the global network of professional service firms whose aim is to turn understanding of information, industries and business trends into value. With more than 100,000 people worldwide, KPMG International member firms provide assurance, tax, financial advisory and consulting services from more than 830 cities in 159 countries.

    Address: Ottawa
    World Exchange Plaza
    45 O'Connor Street
    Suite 1000
    Ottawa Ontario K1P 1A4

    Telephone 1 (613) 560-0011 ---- Telefax 1 (613) 560-2896


    At Kanatek, we deliver and support advanced information technology solutions that answer the most demanding, mission-critical challenges facing global enterprises today. With Headquarters in Canada's capital region with operations and clients across North America, we are widely recognized as a world-leading team with a reputation for timely and dependable delivery of practical solutions that work - and a track record of twenty years to back it up.

    Our core competencies include designing, testing and deploying Storage Networking solutions based on business requirements (SAN; NAS; DAS); architecting safe, reliable, high performance systems for data backup and recovery and HSM; delivering high availability and failover in NFS, database and application environments; providing vendor-independent storage architecture assessments and roadmapping; and providing seamless multi-vendor solution support.

    A privately held company, Kanatek is a highly streamlined organization able to stay ahead of the latest advances in technology - and to quickly integrate reliable solutions based upon those advances. This is key for clients who count on technology for a competitive advantage. Our proprietary RAPID delivery methodology is a proven means for architecting, testing, and implementing complex solutions quickly and with confidence. ISO 9002 certified, we are guided by an overriding commitment to delivering quality and value in everything we do.

    Committed to Clients
    Over the years, Kanatek has forged successful, lasting relationships with major corporations that understand the strategic value of technology. These national and international organizations count on us for the know-how and practical, scalable solutions we deliver. They come back to us for the dependability and integrity we bring to the table. And they appreciate the fact that our interest lies in building relationships rather than merely winning orders.

    Partnering with Technology Leaders
    Technology vendors are part of every solution Kanatek develops and deploys. As a result, we have always stayed close to the marketplace and nurtured strong formal and informal partnerships with leading technology vendors and suppliers - all to ensure our clients benefit from the newest and best technologies available.

    Head Office in Ottawa: 20Cope Drive, Kanata, Ontario, Canada. K2M 2V8 ----- Telephone=> (613) 591-1482 Fax: (613) 591-1488.


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    Des programmes d'études variés et pertinents

    La Cité collégiale offre plus de 70 programmes d'études à plein temps. C'est autant que plusieurs des plus gros collèges de langue anglaise en Ontario qui ont souvent trois, quatre ou cinq fois plus d'étudiants.

    Pourquoi? Parce qu’étant le plus important établissement collégial de langue française de la province, La Cité collégiale croit qu'il est de son devoir de donner à la jeunesse francophone de l'Ontario l'accès, dans sa langue, à un éventail de choix qui soit le plus complet possible, et à une formation solide et de qualité, débouchant sur un emploi presque assuré. C'est pour cela, d'ailleurs, que des jeunes de partout au pays sont inscrits au Collège.

    Cela se traduit aussi par des classes moins nombreuses où les enseignants peuvent investir davantage de temps et d'efforts auprès de chaque étudiant.

    Cette grille des programmes évolue, et c’est l’une de ses caractéristiques. Depuis deux ans, par exemple, une douzaine de programmes, complètement nouveaux, s'y sont ajoutés pour répondre à des besoins spécifiques dans des domaines encore inconnus à la fin du XXe siècle. D'autres, par ailleurs, ont été suspendus ou éliminés, et tous sont soumis à des évaluations et des révisions régulières.

    « ...De donner grave à la jeunesse francophone de l'Ontario laccès, dans sa langue, à un éventailde choix... »

    Quel que soit le rêve de l'étudiant, il y a de fortes chances que La Cité collégiale puisse l’aider à le réaliser, tant en santé ou en sciences humaines, en commerce, en administration des affaires ou en soutien administratif, que dans le domaine des médias, traditionnels ou nouveaux, en communication, en électronique, en informatique ou dans le secteur des métiers de plus en plus sophistiqué et spécialisé, ainsi que dans plusieurs autres champs d'activité.

    Il suffit de demander. Des membres du personnel de La Cité collégiale sont spécifiquement affectés à l'agréable tâche de participer chaque année à la réalisation des ambitions de milliers de jeunes en les orientant vers le programme d'études qui leur convient.

    Address: 801, prom.de l'Aviation.   Ottawa, Ontario. K1K 4R3.   téléphone: (613) 742-2483   sans frais: 1.800.267.2483  télécopieur: 613.742.2481


    Learning Tree International is a world leader in vendor-independent, hands-on training for Information Technology (IT) Professionals. Over one million course participants from 18,000+ companies have enhanced their IT skills through intensive hands-on exercises led by expert instructors with real-world experience. Courses are presented at Learning Tree Education Centers and other locations throughout the world, as well as on-site at client facilities. Choose from over 120 courses in today's hottest technologies, including Windows XP/2000/NT, .NET, Java, XML, Oracle9i and 8i, UNIX and IT Management, along with 42 Professional Certification Programs, that enable participants to master the skills they require for success in single or multiple technologies.



    Can your organization access knowledge at the speed of 'e'?

    More information, less knowledge where you need it.

    Today's 'e' mediated organizations are developing, retaining, transferring, and aggregating information at unprecedented rates. Unmanaged, these vast, fast-multiplying information stockpiles quickly become overwhelming, and may actually slow down effective decision-making. Unmanaged information increases employee workloads and wastes precious resources through search downtime, missed opportunities, duplicate effort and delayed customer responses. Information is everywhere. The answers you need now are there somewhere — but where?

    Each day's delay means knowledge lost forever. Nervous yet?

    Strategic knowledge management planning is more crucial than ever as organizations migrate core operations to the IT environment. Today's 'e' platforms present unprecedented opportunities to leverage information assets, and derive maximum value from unfolding corporate history. Without planning however, electronic information assets are easily fragmented, even lost: relegated to the black hole of ordinary electronic repositories, or worse scattered across hundreds - even thousands — of separate PC hard drives. Every six months your organization doubles its information resources. Each day's delay compounds the challenges of recovering this information and exploiting it intelligently. Let Libraxus show you how to save money, preserve assets and create sustainable advantage through effective knowledge management planning.

    Where to start? Libraxus can help.

    Libraxus: Succeed Through Knowledge

    Libraxus Inc.   263 First Avenue.   Ottawa, Ontario.   K1S 2G5   TEL: 613-567-2484


    LINMOR Technologies [CDNX:LIR] is a leading developer of network management systems for managing the Internet network infrastructure. LINMOR's NEBULA products provide essential capabilities to manage the Internet core and access networks, (such as ATM, Frame Relay, IP, DSL and Internet-over-cable), as well as managing Internet services such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Voice-over-IP (VoIP).

    Contacting Customer Support Services

    CSS hotlines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Response time depends on the nature of your support contract with LINMOR and the severity of a given problem. Locate the number on your customer support card before contacting LINMOR. Enquiries can be submitted to us by e-mail, Web, fax or telephone:

    Telephone: (613) 727-2757 -------- Fax: (613) 727-2627
    Toll Free CSS Hotline (Canada and the US): 1 (800) LINMOR-3


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    MDA provides essential information from anywhere in the world for decision making in the workplace.

    Headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) employs 1800 people around the world.

    MDA provides its customers with essential information for decision making, from the real estate industry to your own local government. We develop information systems for armed forces and police forces. From space, we monitor activities on the planet. And in space, we're the people who designed and built the Canadarm for the Space Shuttle and the new International Space Station.

    Around the world we're known as the information company that delivers essential information businesses need to make decisions.

    We're MDA!


    Macadamian Technologies Inc. is an Ottawa-based software professional services company with extensive experience in emerging technologies such as Microsoft .Net, Java 2 Enterprise Edition, XML, Linux, and wireless devices. Founded in 1997, Macadamian has a proven track record for delivering cutting-edge projects for world-leading ISVs, e-businesses, e-Governments, and startups, including Groove Networks, Corel, Espial, Industry Canada, Graphon, and COM DEV Wireless. Macadamian also invests heavily in R&D, developing and Enterprise JavaBeans-based architecture called Syndeo for rapidly building interactive, data-driven e-business applications. For more information, visit Macadamian's Website at www.macadamian.com.


    Magma Communications is Ottawa's leading full-service Internet Company and employs over 140 people. Founded in 1995, Magma is a privately owned firm that specializes in providing reliable, high quality Internet services. Magma provides high speed Internet access, custom web solutions, and a full range of website and server hosting services. Magma's world-class web hosting facility features top-level biometric security, redundant power, and a quadruple homed multi-carrier redundant backbone. Magma has an outstanding technical infrastructure and an unparalleled dedication to customer service. For more information, please visit www.magma.ca/corporate or call (613) 228-3565. For career opportunities please visit http://www.magma.ca/greatjobs.


    Manugistics Inc. is the world's most recognized name in supply chain management. Our solutions are delivering rapid results to more than nine hundred of the world's largest companies, where we improve the flow of product, optimize operations, and provide collaborative business processes using the internet. Our integrated and internet extended solution optimizes trading plans within and among companies from raw materials or parts, through manufacturing, through 3rd party parterships, through delivery of products to the end customer. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, Manugistics has offices, dealers and distributors worldwide, including a major office and software development Centre of Excellence in Ottawa. Tel: (613) 596-3344; Fax: (613) 596-2422; www.manugistics.com


    Maplebrook Consulting consists of a group of highly trained technical experts that collaborate on various consulting projects. Each member has significant experience in the areas of wireless communications, DSP embedded coding, optical communications technology and algorithmic development. We are based in Ottawa, Ontario. » More.


    Like you, MDS Nordion values health and well-being - in fact, we make it our business to care about people, and we are dedicated to preserving their health. Everyday, our technology, products and services touch the lives of thousands of people around the world, and are used daily in hospitals and clinics and by the makers of radiopharmaceuticals and medical devices.

    MDS Nordion is a world leader in radioisotope technology. Very few organizations in the world possess the technical expertise and specialized production facilities found at MDS Nordion.

    The main focus of our business is the use of radiation technologies to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease. Three primary areas make up the business: Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Processing, and Therapy Systems.

    MDS Nordion.   447 March Road.   Ottawa, ON K2K 1X8   Canada      Tel: +1 613 592 2790    Fax: +1 613 592 6937


    MDSI is a world leader in the development of wireless workforce management software. Founded in 1993, the company has operations and support offices in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

    Today, MDSI services over 100 major blue-chip customers and has wirelessly enabled more than 80,000 mobile users around the world.

    MDSI's flagship product, Advantex, is a wireless application that schedules, assigns and wirelessly dispatches work orders to technicians in the utility, telecommunication, broadband, field service and insurance industries.


    About Menova

    Menova Engineering Inc. provides innovative, "high tech" mechanical engineering solutions to speed quality products to market. From concept generation to "virtual" prototypes, working models and drawings. Menova integrates customer requirements into high quality products in a cost-effective manner.

    Pro Engineer software is used to produce three-dimensional product designs. The customer can "fly through" the "virtual" 3-D prototype to get a unique perspective on design details. Pro Mechanica software is used for stress analysis. Other services include performance simulation, product certification, and complete project management. Projects have ranged from complete processing plants and conveyance systems to hand-held electrical and mechanical commercial products.

    Address: 1367 Darcy Street., Greely, Ontario Canada K4P 1A6         Phone: (613) 821-4613 Fax: (613) 821-4247.


    Cebra Inc., a member of the Bank of Montreal Group of Companies, is a full service Intelligent Commerce™ solutions provider serving clients throughout North America, and via gateways, throughout the world.

    In the relatively short period of time since being founded in April 1996, Cebra has gained a pre-eminent position at the leading edge of the electronic commerce industry. And, as a leader in its field, has an in-depth knowledge of all recent technological developments ­ including open systems concepts, public networks (such as the Internet) internal organizational networks (Intranets) and interconnectivity.

    Cebra provides the fullest complement of effective e-commerce solutions by utilizing products and services made available through close alliances with a wide range of "best-of-breed" partners.


    Because Messa Computing serves the Ottawa region exclusively, we know the local market inside and out. And we know where to uncover the talent and experience that meet your needs.

    Our special recruiting division, The Career Agent, is dedicated to forging long-term relationships with the region's top technology consultants - relationships that yield superior results for our clients.

    We understand that corporate technology requirements are tied closely to business goals. Through exhaustive networking, ongoing outreach and a database of over 3000 candidates, we consistently find people with the right skills and experience to help you meet those goals on your own terms. And our quality-management process ensures your satisfaction with the results.

    Messa Computing: We're part of the solution.

    Messa Computing/The Career Agent, 2650 Queensview Drive, Suite 208, Ottawa, Ontario K2B 8H6,         Tel. (613) 721-8185, Fax (613) 721-1494



    About Mitel (Amounts presented are in Canadian dollars.)

    Mitel Corporation is an international communications products supplier. Our mission is to be a world leader in creating communications solutions that provide exceptional value to its customers. Our leadership strategy is centered on advancing people-to-people communications in an open, distributed and standards-based environment.

    Mitel designs, manufactures and markets systems, subsystems and microelectronic components for sale to world markets in the telephony, computer telephony integration (CTI) and communications industries. Our products include voice communications systems; networked voice and data systems and CTI applications; client/server telecom products; public switching systems; network enhancement and access products; custom silicon wafers; integrated and hybrid circuits; and optoelectronic devices.

    As we transform our business by putting our core telephony competency to work in CTI, we will continue to incrementally improve the performance of our communications systems core business and to grow our semiconductor division. Mitel products are fulfilling the promise of CTI in open, scalable solutions that provide competitive and cost advantages even for small to mid-sized businesses. We are a leader in creating, manufacturing and marketing CTI technology.

    Mitel recently introduced NeVaDa™ (Networked Voice and Data), the next phase in the intelligent evolution of the SX-2000® LIGHT system. NeVaDa is a voiceLAN networking solution with the capability to deliver data, voice and video traffic over a single, converged broadband backbone within the enterprise, and manage the network from a single platform. A key enabling component of NeVaDa is an ATM module, jointly developed by Mitel and leading switched technologies vendor Madge Networks, which provides the capacity to transport multiple media over a single fibre backbone.

    We have taken a second approach to meet the needs of customers who want to deploy voice applications on a client/server architecture. With expert partner Digital Equipment Corporation, we developed MediaPath, a client/server telephony application. MediaPath is a Windows NT® server-based platform that enables call control on a LAN server and integrated messaging (voice, fax and email) for a small office or workgroup. Mitel is working with the information technology industry to deliver client server telecom products to the computer and telephone convergence marketplace.

    There are some very exciting things happening at Mitel Semiconductor as well. The world is witnessing an explosive deployment of advanced communication capabilities as countries realize their need for the real-time capability inherent in the global switched public telephone network. Mitel Semiconductor is well positioned in the deployment of these communications capabilities. Our customers in developing economies look to us to provide the technology and engineering capability to support them as they improve their public telephone networks. We have also developed a wide range of products to allow the smooth integration of store-and-forward and multimedia computer data with traditional voice traffic.

    Mitel Corporation is proud to be the first telecommunications company in the world to take the Universal Serial Bus (USB) concept and demonstrate actual USB telephony. Technology demonstrations at key expositions in February, April and June of 1996 illustrate Mitel's leadership in the CTI marketplace.

    Building upon market leading success in North America and the United Kingdom, the Call Controller group has obtained regulatory product approvals in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany and Mexico, in order to pursue opportunities arising from deregulation in these markets. To date, more than a million SMART - 1® fax and voice Call Controllers have been shipped world-wide.

    Sales growth of GX5000™ systems in the United States over the last four years has been significant and a change from single switch to multi-switch contracts indicated improved market penetration. Systems are in service in more than a hundred towns from Alaska to Alabama as well as in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. Changes in legislation, the need for high-speed internet access, and trends in telecommuting are fuelling demand for basic rate ISDN service in information networks, a new growth area for the GX5000.

    Looking ahead, we are committed to following our strategies in the convergence of communications and computing. These growth markets will offer opportunities for new products in semiconductors as well as business communications systems. By building the company on the foundation of our core competency in telephony and through alliances with world class partners, we are set to be a significant player in the convergent future. Our commitment will enhance the appeal of our product portfolio in all our market areas, both to end users and to new information technology partners. The enthusiastic response to our new products at various CTI trade shows gives us momentum in our direction and solidifies our desire for cooperation with partners in a standards-based and open systems approach.

    350 Legget Drive, P.O. Box 13089, Kanata, Ontario, Canada K2K 1X3, Tel: (613) 592-2122 or 1-800-MITELSX, Fax: (613) 592-4784


    ADDRESS: 733 Ridgewood Ave. Ottawa, Ontario K1V 6M8,        Phone: (613) 526-0835, Fax:(613) 733-6345



    Established in 1984, MPC Circuits started out with a staff of only 5 in a small, 2,000-square foot facility.

    Today, MPC employes over 60 people and operates from a state-of-the art, 15,000-square foot facility in the heart of the Ottawa Business Park.

    As the demand for ever-more -complicated and intricate circuit board grew, so did MPC. Our first circuit boards were simple, one-sided units. From there, MPC's talent and knowledge of circuit boards expanded, and soon production of double-sided and multi-layered boards began. Today, MPC has the precision equipment to create some of the most complex and high-demand printed circuit boards on the market. The high standards and outstanding quality of our products have made us a success in the printed citcuit board indusry, and explains why we've recently been awarded ISO 9002 Certification, something everyone at MPC is very proud of.

    As our clients become more successful and expand their operations, so must we.

    Before production begins on any circuit board, our engineers thoroughly review all files, sent to MPC for production Using our Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) tools and our extensive experience. We look for design flaws and weak spots before they become costly production problems (DRC - Design Rule Check). This step also determines if the customer's board specifications are within our production capabilities (MR -Manufacturability Review). Only when our engineers are satisfied that all layersn on the board are sound, is the file set-up for photo-plotting and subsequent production.

    Besides good people and good equipment, production of printed circuit boards calls for an immaculate facility as well as a high degree of organization. Regular maintanence, enthusiastic house-keeping practices as well as controled environments take care of keeping then facility clean. The complex process nessessary to produce circuit boards combine the diverse fields of contact photography, N/C machining and inorganic chemistry. A computerized order tracking system, using bar-code readers at all stations, helps us keep track of all orders through all our processes so as to maintain the tight delivery schedules our customers have come to expect.

    ADDRESS: MPC Circuits, 2161 Thurston Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Tel: (613) 739-5060, Fax: (613) 739-1041


    Mxi Technologies specializes in software for aviation maintenance management.

    Mxi designs and implements Maintenix, a best-of-breed software product that manages the maintenance activities of clients in several aviation and aerospace market sectors:

    • commercial and cargo airline operators
    • fractional ownership fleet operators
    • aircraft, engine and component manufacturers
    • military aircraft operators

    Using the Internet and other advanced technologies, Maintenix supports large mixed fleets and geographically distributed operations for leading aviation organizations such as Delta Air Lines, Air Canada, Qantas, NetJets, Boeing, Bombardier Aerospace, Executive Jet Management, the US Navy, FiatAvio and the US Army.

    In addition to supplying Maintenix, Mxi provides a full range of services including implementation, integration, support, training, business consulting and application hosting.

    Address: 1430 Blair Place, Suite 800, Ottawa, Ontario. K1J 9N2. CANADA.         Tel: (613) 747-4698 Fax: (613) 747-1909.


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    Nanometrics Inc. located in Ontario, Canada is a leading manufacturer of seismological instruments and software and a supplier of complete turnkey seismograph networks. A number of countries have selected Nanometrics to provide equipment, services and training for their national seismograph network and use our systems to determine the location and Richter magnitude of all significant earthquakes in their country.


    Netricom is Canada's largest single source and vendor neutral provider of total network communications solutions and services. As such, we provide customers with an unmatched multi-vendor platform of technologically superior products. Utilizing our national network of seasoned technical specialists, Netricom integrates this best-of-breed technology with customized and cost-effective communications solutions that range from cabling infrastructure to data and voice networks to wireless and Internet Protocol web enabled customer applications.

    We back our state-of-the-art product offerings with unparalleled customer service, supported by highly skilled employees who thrive on finding the ideal customized, cost-effective solution to your network problem. Our front line vendor certified engineers and technicians are dedicated to providing Netricom customers with 24-hour service, 365 days a year, anywhere in Canada.

    ADDRESS: 1001 Thomas Spratt Place, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 5L5. Tel: (613) 247-9900, Fax: (613) 247-9955.



    NORTAK SOFTWARE LTD. is a Canadian-owned private corporation with offices in Ottawa and Toronto. Since 1975, NORTAK has designed, developed, and supported computer applications and systems for government and private enterprises.

    NORTAK Software is a developer of custom software solutions offering Information Technology services including, but not limited to, the following areas of specialization: Web-Enabled Systems, PC Applications Development, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) / Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Systems, Mainframe Applications / Legacy Systems Maintenance and Development, and Products Development and Resale.

    Our Mission:

    NORTAK's mission is to provide honest cost-effective services, products and training to our clients, using information technology and a sound understanding of their business processes.

    Our Business Focus:

    • Web Development
    • Social Programs Delivery
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) / Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Systems
    • Japanese Business IT Support
    • Value-added IT Integrator Services


    Nortel Networks is a global leader in telephony, data, wireless and wireline solutions for the Internet. Today, Nortel Networks is creating a high-performance Internet that is more reliable and faster than ever before. It is redefining the economics and quality of networking and the Internet through Unified Networks that promise a new era of collaboration, communications and commerce. Nortel Networks has offices and facilities in Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Caribbean and Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and the United States.


    Northland Systems Training Inc. is a privately held company focused on providing outsourced delivery of vendor specific hardware and software training programs for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the information technology sector. At Northland, we are committed to helping our clients and their customers "Navigate Through Technology". As a technology driven company, our subject matter expertise is maintained through our consulting services and extensive training programs.

    With offices in Ottawa and Toronto, Northland offers OEMs' customized product training programs, generic technology training, and consulting services to information technology clients throughout North America.


    Nu-Wave Photonics Inc. is an innovative company poised to capture a significant portion of the fiber optics component market. Fueled by the recent explosion of the communications industry – Internet, wireless, and high-speed broadband access – Nu-Wave promises to be a major player in a market which is expected to grow by 40 percent this year alone.



    Nuvo Network Management is a leading Management Service Provider (MSP) that develops and delivers web-enabled remote network management services to address the increasing complexities of e-business networks. Nuvo's remote services and solutions are designed to meet the sophisticated requirements of converging data and voice networks, optical and wireless infrastructures, Internet VPNs and traditional LAN/WAN networks. Through both a subscription-based service model and licensed solutions, Nuvo has established a global reputation for its expertise in maximizing the network performance of Fortune 1000 corporations and governments.


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    Three words that aptly describe both the pattern of our firm's growth and the reasons for its continued success. Three words that suggest the core values at the heart of the daily practice of each member of our firm: loyalty, integrity, continuity. With our clients, we build business relationships that are positive and growing. With our clients, we continually redefine the boundaries of excellence in the practice of law. With our clients, we create new and better solutions.

            45 O'Connor Street  
            Suite 1600  
            Ottawa,  Ontario,  CANADA  K1P 1A4  
            Telephone: (613) 780-8661  
            Fax: (613) 230-5459  
            E-Mail: ottawa@ogilvyrenault.com 


    OPTOTEK LTD has gained international recognition as a leading supplier of advanced optoelectronic, semiconductor products and specialized CAE software. Since 1977, Optotek's military and commercial products have enjoyed widespread acceptance, with principal markets in North America, Europe and the Far East. The company is fully equipped for design, manufacturing and testing at both commercial and military levels. In-house capabilities include environmentally controlled clean rooms and laboratories with a full complement of processing, assembly and test equipment.

    Optotek's capabilities are derived from an experienced team of scientific and engineering professionals, support technicians and production staff. Building upon the results of innovative R&D programs, Optotek provides customers with effective solutions to unique requirements.


    Optotek's facility has been specially designed for the development and manufacture of semiconductor materials and related optoelectronic products. For Processing:

    • diffusion furnaces,
    • ion implanter,
    • high resolution mask aligners,
    • automatic filament and E-beam evaporators,
    • sputtering deposition systems,
    • ion miller,
    • plasma etching systems.
    For Quality Control:

    • scanning electron microscope,
    • laser induced photoluminescence equipment,
    • scanning monochromators,
    • computer controlled electro-optical test equipment.

    For Hybrid Assembly:

    • multi-layer thick film screen printers,
    • diamond saws,
    • ultrasonic and thermocompression wire bonders.

    For Design and Test:

    • CAD/CAE equipped design engineering and drafting offices.
    • Automatic wafer probers and probe stations used for data acquisition from custom silicon integrated circuits, LEDs and RF/microwave circuits.
    • Computer controlled LED printhead scanning systems for performance assessment and uniformity compensation.

    For Software Development and Support:

    • Wafer Probers
    • Vector network analyzers
    • Probe stations for data acquisition
    • Processing of RF/microwave devices and integrated circuits
    • Fabrication of thick and thin film hybrid microcircuits

    For Prototype and Production Support:

    • fully equipped machine shop.

    62 Steacie Drive
    Kanata, Ontario
    Canada K2K 2A9 Phone: 613.591.0336 
    Fax: 613.591.0584 
    Toll Free: 1.800.361.2911 
    (North America only)




    Ranked as one of Canada's top business law firms by clients and leading independent reviews, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP offers much more than just the benefit of working with 380 of the best legal minds in the country.

    Comprehensive services and expertise in both traditional and emerging fields of business law. A sustained passion for serving clients fully and well. Value-adding, thought provoking publications and seminars. Intelligent, time-saving technologies. A solid reputation for nurturing legal talent. A strong commitment to giving back to our communities.

    And 380 of the best legal minds in the country...

    About Us

    Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP advises many of Canada's corporate leaders as well as U.S. and international parties with extensive interests in Canada. Third-party research confirms the firm’s preeminent position in the marketplace. The January 2001 issue of Lexpert, the leading Canadian industry publication, ranks Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP first in Toronto in bench strength and reputation in corporate matters. The analysis is based on a comparative review of the major Toronto firms’ M&A, corporate finance, corporate tax, banking, corporate/commercial and corporate litigation practices. We deliver the same high standard of service excellence through our offices in Ottawa, Calgary, Montréal and New York.

    We played a key advisory role in eight of the 10 largest transactions announced or completed in Canada in 2000. Our track record in 1999 was equally robust: we advised in 14 of the 25 largest deals announced that year.

    This critical mass of experience with the largest domestic and cross-border business combinations enables us to exercise acknowledged strengths in mergers and acquisitions, tax, competition and litigation, and leverage our specialty expertise in fields like pensions and other workplace issues, environmental law, commercial property and infrastructure projects, IP and IT, among many others.



    The mission of OTG The Ottawa Telephony Group Inc. is to effectively perform a leading role as a worldwide telecommunications solution supplier through the development of innovative unique identity products, services and capabilities providing custom functionality to specific industry requirements.


    OTG, The Ottawa Technology Group, a private Canadian corporation, was incorporated July 1990. Its founders represent over 60 years experience in the high technology marketplace in Canada. OTG's current product development initiatives focus on meeting industry challenges in the areas of toll fraud prevention, call provisioning, network management security and automated help desk solutions. To address these issues, OTG offers integrated turnkey products comprised of both hardware and software, providing security features which are currently unbeatable in today's communications market.

    Using voice biometrics technology and SecurID tokens, SecurPBX® protects long distance trunks, voice mail, IVRs and maintenance ports by authenticating users before allowing them access to an organization's telecommunications system. SecurPBX is designed to prevent toll fraud, as opposed to merely detecting it. The result is a significant reduction in unauthorized calling. In 1998, OTG received AVIOS' award for Best Telephony Product for SecurPBX®.

    HELP YOURSELF™ is a user initiated and performed virtual help desk, empowering users to administer SecurID tokens, recover PKI profiles and reset network passwords without live intervention from a help desk technician. Help desk backlog is freed of simple, yet time consuming procedures, allowing staff to focus on activities requiring more technical expertise. The average return on investment is six months.

    Most recently, OTG has developed Enterprise Editions of its software which allow organizations to administer and manage a modular and scalable installation in large scale environments (50,000 or more users) across multiple geographical locations.


    OTG maintains Strategic Alliance Technology Partnerships with:

    • RSA Security Inc
    • T-NETIX Inc
      • SpeakEZ engine used in all OTG's applicaitons
    • Entrust Technologies Limited
    • Dialogic Corporation
    • PIKA Technologies
    • M-Tech, Mercury Information Technology Inc
    • Courion Corporation
    • SpeechWorks International Inc
    • Nuance Communications


    OTG is an organization of highly trained professionals maintaining state-of-the-art facilities for telecommunications and software development. We are committed to providing your organization value in all of the products and services we provide. Recognized in the telecom industry for our adaptability in meeting specific customer requirements, OTG software can be customized to address specific security concerns of both private and public industry sectors. Current clients include US and Canadian government departments, national financial institutions and high profile international organizations.

    OTG's voice verification applications are currently being deployed in government institutions and commercial organizations. Its biometric solution has been successfully tested and approved by British testing facility, National Physics Laboratory, as part of a study undertaken by the UK Government Biometrics Working Group. OTG can respond immediately to the demand for knowledge, market-ready applications and success stories of early adopters of its technology.

    OTG's strengths include the ability of its staff to develop and deliver product variations based on their combined hardware/software experience, the knowledge gained in experimenting with a variety of communications products and services over the past ten years and the demonstrated reliability of its existing products in preventing fraud.

    OTG is committed to the unique identification sector of all telecommunications industries. The OTG team represents a very effective group of individuals whose goal is to continually develop and enhance its products to meet the evolving demands of your marketplace.

    OTG is owned by The Ottawa Technology Group Inc.


    FROM MONTREAL: From the 40, continue onto the 417. Take the 174 east towards Orleans and Rockland. Take the Blair Road exit. Turn right onto Blair Road North after exiting and quickly make your way over to the left hand lane. At the traffic lights turn left. The Gloucester shopping centre is on your right. Follow the road past the transit station to the end. The Silver City cinema complex is ahead of you. Turn left. Blair Business Park is on your left. OTG is on the second floor.

    FROM TORONTO: From Highway 7 or the 416, merge onto the 417. Continue east, remaining in the left hand lanes to take the 174 towards Orleans and Rockland. Take the Blair Road exit. Turn right onto Blair Road North after exiting and quickly make your way over to the left hand lane. At the traffic lights turn left. The Gloucester shopping centre is on your right. Follow the road past the transit station to the end. The Silver City cinema complex is ahead of you. Turn left. Blair Business Park is on your left. OTG is on the second floor. DOWNLOAD MAP


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    Market Leaders in document management and Knowledge management respectively. PC DOCS and Fulcrum have combined to solve real-world business probelems. With its partners, PC DOCS/Fulcrum provides integrated knowledge management software that lets business think fast, move fast and make fewer mistakes. PC DOCS/Fulcrum offers a controlled way to manage corporate information and Web content, and an innovative way to understand content so that users can deal with what realy matters. Connecting people to the expertise in information sources and to experts within the company, PC DOCS/Fulcrum helps businesses maximize opportunities and reduce risk simultaneously.




    955 Green Valley Crescent, Suite 210
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Canada K2C 3V4
    Tel: (613) 723-7505
    Fax: (613) 723-7209




    The Pollack Group (previously known as Pollack Personnel) is one of the few remaining Ottawa based recruiting firms specializing in High Technology Headhunting, Executive Search in Sales and IT Contract/Perm and Secretarial/Temporary Help services. Our clientel includes the Ottawa region's most desirable employers. We do whatever it takes to identify and recommend the most talented prospects for them. In the market for change? We have a direct link to Hiring Decision Makers. We Guarantee integrity, top rates and support. Our temporary help devision is amongst the Top Ten suppliers of Temporary Help services to the Government and private sector. Contact us at (613) 238-2233 Fax: (613)238-4407.


    Precidia Technologies Inc., based in Ottawa, Canada, is a global leader in the design and manufacture of IP enabling technologies for a wide range of industries, including retail payments. Precidia's advanced IP technology seamlessly migrates retail payment terminals and other equipment onto more sophisticated IP networks. Precidia's unique product line consists of cost-effective access devices, both wired and wireless, and chip technology. Corporate Head Office 10A Hearst Way, Kanata, Ontario. K2L 2P4. Tel: 613-592-7557 . Fax: 613-592-0944 . E-mail: info@precidia.com | Map Location






    PROCOM is a leading provider of IT and professional services to corporate clients in Canada, the United States and abroad. We are a privately held company, established in 1978, and currently rank as the seventh largest IT and Professional Services firm in Canada (Financial Post, March 2001). Our Quality Management System has achieved ISO 9002 certification.

    We are a performance-based company having achieved the status of the largest Canadian contracting firm with a growing market share in the US.

    PROCOM currently represents over 1500 contractors on assignment throughout North America. We are respected in the industry for our fair and ethical practices. In fact, more than 60% of our current consultants were referred to us through previously satisfied contractors. Of the first contractors that worked for us 21 years ago, over 50% are still with us today.

    PROCOM’s policy of fair & open margins enables us to offer a highly competitive compensation package to both the client and the consultant.

    300 March Road - Suite 600
    Kanata, Ontario
    K2K 2E2
    Tel: (613) 270-9339   Fax: (613) 270-9449





    QNX Software Systems Ltd. was founded in 1980 by Gordon Bell and Dan Dodge to develop, maintain, and market the QNX® realtime operating system.

    For over 20 years, we've been serving the complex needs of the realtime, embedded market - needs like high reliability, superior performance, sophisticated functionality, and massive scalability. That's why companies like 3Com, Motorola, Cisco, Matsushita, IBM, and others choose QNX technology to help them build reliable applications in consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive systems, medical instrumentation, and more.

    QNX Software Systems Ltd. 175 Terence Matthews Crescent. Kanata, Ontario. Canada, K2M 1W8. Tel: +1 613 591-0931 -- Toll Free: 1 800 676-0566 (North America only) -- Fax: +1 613 591-3579

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    Ridge Falls House is a privately held Canadian corporation, located in the National Capital Region. Since its incorporation in 1989, the company has grown to over 60 full time employees and associates serving its client base of 20 Canadian Government Departments, crown corporations and private sector organizations. The company is financially sound and consistently profitable with revenues reaching approximately 6 million dollars. 1499 Thomas Dolan Parkway, Dunrobin, ON. K0A 1T0 Canada Tel: (613) 832-3176. Fax: (613)832-1924.


    Routes Incorporated designs and builds instruments and subsystems for space science applications, including Space Transport System (STS) and International Space Station (ISS) payload. Routes performs complete systems design, including mechanical, thermal, and optical elements. Specializing in electro-optical instruments, with associated low-noise readout electronics, Routes has earned a solid reputation for quality work at competitive cost, delivered on time. Address: ROUTES Incorporated. 303 Legget Drive. Kanata, Ontario. Canada. K2K 2B1. phone: (613) 592-0748, fax: (613) 592-6553


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    Since 1991, SageData Solutions Inc. has become one of the leading software manufacturers of asset tracking, inventory control and warehouse management systems. These systems have been designed to work with mobile handheld computers and bar codes to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the data collection process. Our focus is on helping organizations transform the way they track and manage their assets and inventory.

    Hundreds of our software applications are in use throughout Canada and around the world in more than 25 countries. Our software has been installed for various applications from tracking fire fighter equipment in Saskatchewan to maps and charts on National Defence ships. We have become renowned for our professionalism, expertise and reliability in our software and customer support. We have become ISO9001 certified to ensure that we produce the best quality products to our customers.

    Innovation Solutions

    In 1995, we launched a range of software solutions that integrate with existing desktop systems – SAP and Oracle Financials. Our flagship product BassetPro; is the Ultimate Asset Tracking System, designed for Police Departments, Fire Fighter Departments, ISPs, Government Departments, School Boards and anyone who wants to track assets.

    Our other systems include WHiPPET - Wireless Warehouse Management system, PICS - Paperless Inventory Control System, FiESTA - Fire Fighter Equipment Tracking, SEPTRE - Security Patrol Tracking System and BAR CODE Labels.

    1948 Merivale Rd.
    Suite 201
    Ottawa, ON K2G 1E9, Canada

    Tel: 613/225-4404 ----- Fax: 613/225-8664
    Toll Free in Canada and USA: 1-888-838-1067

    Email: Email: sales@sage.ca

    Click here for a road map.

    Our head office is twenty minutes from the International Airport (YOW).

    SCOTT & AYLEN    Border Laydner Gervais LLP

    "Our goal is to earn the reputation as the leading law firm in Canada for the development of professionals."

    Norm Letalik
    Managing Director, Professional Excellence

    A cornerstone of the agreement that brought together the five legacy firms of Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG) was a commitment to professional excellence. The merger allowed us to pool the resources and best practices of our five founding firms.

    One of our first initiatives-and a first in Canada-was to dedicate a partner to Professional Excellence, a new senior management role. Norm Letalik, a litigation partner and former professor at Dalhousie Law School, became the firm's first Managing Director, Professional Excellence.

    What is professional excellence?

    Our strategy begins with a three-dimensional approach to training. The key question is not what professional excellence is; it's how to reach for it through training.

    In practice, we know what professional excellence means: good lawyers attracting good clients; good clients providing good work; and good work in turn attracting good lawyers, who relish the challenge. A commitment to professional excellence fuels this upward spiral of professional success.

    BLG Ottawa World Exchange Plaza,  100 Queen Street,  Suite 1100,  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   K1P 1J9
    Tel.: (613) 237-5160   Legal Fax: (613) 230-8842   IP Fax: (613) 787-3558


    The driving force behind each of us at Sierra Systems Group Inc., since opening our first office in 1966, is improving our clients’ business through technology.

    Today, we are nearly 1000 employees in 14 locations across the United States and Canada, with seven specialty practices and an extensive list of prominent organizations we proudly call our clients.

    By staying true to our original mission for 36 years, we have ensured not only our clients’ ability to set and achieve aggressive goals, again and again, with unprecedented speed and refinement – we have established with each client a rare trust found only in Sierra Systems’ proven experience and reliability.

    Guiding Principles

    Following our mission statement “To enhance the competitive position of our clients through the implementation of information technology-based business solutions.”

    In short, we build business solutions that work.

    Focusing on our clients’ business  We succeed best by expanding our functional knowledge of our clients’ areas of business and developing a deep understanding of the issues and challenges they face.

    Growing big while staying small We succeed best by ensuring that authority and responsibility are delegated to the client-focused operational teams that deliver our services.

    Respecting our Core Values Our Core Values are non-negotiable. We do nothing that conflicts with them.

    • Integrity and Honesty We are open and honest with all individuals in our business: each other, our staff, our clients and our suppliers. We do not deliberately hide the truth from anyone. We keep all commitments we make, whether internally or externally.
    • Respect and Loyalty
      We respect each other as persons in all situations, support each other in all situations and remain committed to each other’s welfare and success.

    Respecting our Operational Values

    Our Operational Values guide our behavior. They promote overall consistency in the way we deal with our staff, our clients and the communities in which we operate. These values provide the context for decision-making in all situations.

    • Commitment to Clients
      We identify and make long-term commitments to our clients. Our actions are guided by the desire to contribute to our clients’ success. We offer practical solutions to our clients' business problems and always strive to persuade our clients to do what is in their best interest.

    • Commitment to Employees
      We identify and make long-term commitments to our employees. Our actions are guided by the desire to contribute to the success of their careers. We create a working environment that attracts and retains first class people and we provide sustained investment in the development of their careers. We enable all staff to participate in the success of the company.

    • Service ExcellenceWe develop and maintain high standards of service and product delivery. We strive as individuals and as teams for high levels of productivity, performance and industry excellence.

    • Managed Growth The information technology industry is expanding rapidly. We believe in managed growth for Sierra Systems in order to generate the financial resources needed to remain competitive.

    • Corporate Citizenship Sierra Systems continues to seek ways to contribute to the communities in which we operate.






    SOMOS is a dynamic management consulting and training company in Silicon Valley North. We provide solutions that address the needs of technology organizations globally.

    Our project management consulting and training units assist organizations in achieving an industry leadership position in project management. We specialize in information technology, complex systems and product development projects.

    Our strategic management consulting unit assists organizations in the areas of strategic and business planning, market and product management, R&D management and organizational development.

    SOMOS Canadian and international experience extends to the telecommunications, software development, computing, micro-electronics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and government sectors.

    Address: SOMOS Consulting Group Ltd. 240 Catherine Street, Suite 403, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K2P 2G8. ----- Tel: (613) 233-0222 or 1-877-SOMOS-PM Fax: (613) 233-1199



    Broadband Wireless Semiconductors

    SpaceBridge is focused on the development of semiconductores for use in broadband wireless systems.

    SpaceBridge products offer a unique combination of performance and flexibility, providing users with a superior range of options.The company's "silicon plus Software" approach shortens the design in cycle, allowing customers to get to market faster.

    SpaceBridge products can be used in a number of applications for both terrestrial and satellite communications systems.

    ADDRESS:115 Champlain Street. Gatineau, Quebec. Canada. J8X 3R1 Tel: (819) 776-2848 Fax: (819) 776-4179


    Founded in 1946, Spherion is a pioneer in the staffing industry and a full service provider of customized staffing solutions. Spherion provides its clients with qualified temporary, contract and direct hire employees.
    Spherion Workforce Architects is a team of Professionals responding to our clients' needs through flexible Staffing Solutions.

    Recognizing that people are the source of our strength, we are committed to creating an environment that promotes Innovation, Teamwork and Trust.

    Our Leadership in the industry has been earned thjrough Integrity, Dedication & Commitment to Quality of Service. We recognize our employeesas our most valued resource. We support and encourage their on-going volunteer efforts and community involvement.

    Through innovation, we are changing the way Canada hires!

    ADDRESS: Ottawa Staffing Regional Office.    440 Laurier Avenue West, Ste 120, Ottawa Ontario K1R 7X6    TEL: (613) 782-2333 FAX: (613) 782-2434





    Sybase in Brief
    Sybase is the enterprise software company that makes everything work together. Sybase software and expertise enable you to bring together all the disparate data and business applications running in your enterprise and extend them to any location worldwide.


    Since its founding in 1980, Systems Interface Inc. has grown from a small software consulting business to a diversified provider of information technology services. With offices in Ottawa and Vancouver and a growing team of more than 80 employees. SI delivers innovative technology solutions. Our clients rely on SII's experience, creativity and down-to-earth advice to help build successful information technology strategies, define clear system requirements, and select/construct and implement workable solutions all of which are fully supported through our technical support services. Innovative people and strong business partnerships are the ingredients that help SII create imaginative, practical and timely solutions for your business. Address: 14 Colonnade Road, Suite 210, Nepean, Ontario, K2E 7M6. Tel: (613) 727-5001 Fax: (613) 727-3960.


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    Tech-edge provides critical research and data, combined with specialized compensation expertise, to help companies develop integrated performance programs and rewards strategies to support business goals and retention efforts. Our intimate knowledge of hi-tech compensation can help companies achieve a competitive edge, by saving money and optimizing their compensation budgets, while helping to focus and motivate staff towards key business priorities.

    Lynn Sewell Tel: (613) 794-7166   FAX: (613) 591-5239   or Helen Robert Tel: (613) 592-3048   FAX: (613) 591-5239    website: http//www.tech-edge.ca


    Canada's national satillite communications company, provides telecommunications and broadcast distribution services in North America. The company is a leading provider of wireless services to Canadian business, and a sought-after consultant, operator and partner in satellite ventures around the world. In the fall of 1998 Telesat launched, Nimiq, Canada's first Direct Broadcast Satellite. The company has also begun construction of it's next generation of Fixed Service satellites, Anik F's. Anik F1 will be in service in the first half of the year 2000, providing full North and South American coverage.


    Telexis specializes in networked video solutions that turn an enterprise network into an immediate resource for delivering video applications with minimal incremental investment. Enterprises and service providers can interface the Telexis video platform to their existing networks for seamless delivery and management of video services such as remote monitoring, security, real-time media monitoring and corporate communications. The TIES (Telecom Integration and Engineering Services) arm of Telexis provides custom integration and installation services for video and audio systems, as well as a host of specialized engineering services.


    TeraMach Technologies Inc., was founded in 1995 with the objective of becoming the leading, Hewlett-Packard (HP) enterprise computing solutions provider in Canada. The employees-owned company was formed by two entrepreneurial and experienced Hewlett-Packard sales engineers. The companies business strategy is to provide HP specific, value-added services that compliment the entire HP product offering. Th HP-UX Division provides professional, HP-UX based sales and marketing services to corporate customers. TeraMach is a leading reseller on the Hewlett-Packard NMSO for RISC/UNIX workstations. The Windows NT Division delivers mission critical, Windows NT-based, HP/Intel solutions. TeraMach Consulting Group and its partners assist customers in designing, implementing and integrating premier HP and industry-leading software solutions. TeraMach has recently been selected as a value-added business partner of Oracle Corp. and is a Certified HP OpenView partner.


    Kanada based Tetranet Software Inc. provides Web developers Industry award winning software solutions for improving the quality of Websites. Tetranet specializes in the development of best-of-breed tools that help optimize the potential the potential of corporate Web environments as a means of communicating and information sharing. Tetranet helps Web developers ensure Website Quality, Accessibility and Functionality. Linkbot and Wisebot help organize, test and repair medium/large scale Websites, eliminating such hazards as slow pages or broken links; and provide visitors to your Website with superior navigation and information retrieval capabilities. Visit the site for more information and free evaluation software.


    H.R.S.P.'s (Human Resources Savings Plan) The Employment Solution MAXIMIZES your human resource investment return. Our team of dedicated professionals offers an excellent portfolio of IT opportunities, helping consultants to manage their long term career investment plans. In return is our ability to attract serious talent - not only technical prowess, but also the right "corporate fit". T.E.S. does not compromise. We Stratigize and specialize. Investing in our futures together. Tel: (613) 828-7887 Fax: (613) 828-2729 or Email: ottreply@tes.net.


    Located in Ottawa, Ontario, and with offices in Kingston, Ontario and Quebec City, Quebec, Thales Systems Canada, a division of Thales Canada Inc., is one of four Thales companies in Canada (over $170 million revenue and over 260 employees), is a Turnkey Systems Integration company that delivers complex mission system and sensor communication systems, and C4ISR systems for military and civil applications. The company also develops and maintains real-time software for surveillance systems (radar, electro-optical), for radio communication systems (message handling / processing, ARQ, HF email, and system control and monitoring), and for tactical command and control systems.

    Thales Systems Canada is certified to ISO 9001: 2000 and SEI CMM Level 2. Its technology is operational with customers in Canada (DND, Coast Guard), South America, Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. Military programs of interest are Aurora, MHP, ALSC, ISTAR, and others.
    Phone: (613) 723-7000 ext:202 and Human Resources ext:208 or Fax: (613) 723-5600.


    TimeStep Corporation, a Newbridge affiliate, is the leading provider od secure virtual private network (VPN) solutions for corporate internets, extranets, and internet remote access. Designed for large scale business communications, TimeStep's award-winning PERMIT Enterprise product suite integrates secure VPN, access control, and authentication technologies in a single solution. An IPSec-compliant secure VPN solution that integrates Entrust's public key infrastucture (PKI), PERMIT Enterprises offers strong user authentication, encryption, and data integrity, allowing you to use the internet as your private network. You can deploy PERMIT Enterprises easily and transparently into existing networks, while it's directory-based policy management enables you to create and manage multiple secure VPN's.


    In 1997, Toronto School of Business, Ottawa Campus celebrated its tenth year of training individuals for the High Tech job market. In 1997 alone the school produced 400 successful graduates and can train upwards of 600 students at any given time. Today the job force has changed and the demand for Information Technology professionals is strongly reflected in the training we offer. The school offers diploma programs for the applications, programming and specialists. The curriculum is constantly being updated to reflect the latest inovations in networking technologies, developmental tools and training for the Year 2000 solution. In addition, the school has become accredited partners with Microsoft, Corel, and Inprise (formely Borland) which allows us to keep pace with the latest technological changes. At the Toronto School of Business, Ottawa Campus we have been helping individuals to "build a better future" for over twenty years by giving them quality training needed by todays and tomorrow's employers.


    Total Media Systems is a locally owned and operated Multi Media Systems supplier. We provide Custom, Integrated Audio, Video, Computer and Broadcast Systems for Government and Private Industry. As specialists in systems design, technical service and integration, Total Media uses the latest technology to help their customers look their best and prepare for the future. Total Media represents some of the most recognized companies in their field including: Panasonic, NEC, Hitachi, Toshiba, Philips, Leitch, Crestron, Discreet Logic, Extron, etc. Total Media is also a leader in rentals of LCD presentation and digital broadcast video equipment. Tel: (613) 798-9300.


    Transpolar is a Aboriginal company fully compliant with the federal government's requirments for the Procurement Stratagy for Aboriginal Business. Since 1995, Transpolar has provided both information technology and management consulting to industry, governments and Aboriginal organizations and communities. Representative projects include a review of the commodity tax system for the North West Territories, a First Nations program evaluation for the Province of Ontario, a study of the economic development opportunities for the new territory of Nunavut, network design and management for DND, and the design of a workflow system for Indian and Northern Affairs.
    General Manager: Edwin Bourque. Tel: (613) 236-8108. E-Mail: edbourque@transpolar.com


    Trilogix provides contact design, production and flexible manufacturing services for electronic based products. Utilizing a quality control program patterned with Martin Marietta and IPC standards for electronic assembly, companies seeking high quality solutions for their manufacturing capacity turn to Trilogix for in-time results. In 1998 the successful addition of an Ottawa office as well as a new testing facility in Montreal has led to a record grouth in every division. Trilogix is poised and ready for your grouth. Tel: (613) 247-1958 E-Mail: trilogix@12voltdirect.com


    TRM Technologies Inc. is an Ottawa based Information Consulting and Systems Engineering firm. With a verticle strength in the field of voice and data communications, TRM provides Management Consulting, Project Management, Impact Analysis, Threat and Risk Analysis, Contingency Planning, and Business Resumption Planning services across the entire spectrum of IT disciplines, with a current focus on Year 2000 readiness. In the area of voice and data communications, TRM provides Systems Engineering, Systems Integration and ongoing Network Management and Operational Support covering the full range of technologies from Structured Wiring Systems through LAN technologies to advanced voice and data WAN's based upon ATM and Frame-Relay technologies. As a prospective employer, TRM offers professional challenge and grouth and an enthusiastic team environment. Tel: (613) 722-8843 Fax: (613) 722-8574.


    Tundra Semiconductor focuses on the design, development and support of bus bridging semiconductors for embedded systems. Tundra's bus bridges enable embedded systems designers to get to the market faster with a more competitive product. These product include the Universe II and the QSpan, which link standard computer buses like VME and PCI to industry-leading processors such as the Motorola and PowerPC and Texus Instruments' DSPs. Tundra bus bridges are defined through stratigic partnerships with these processor manufacturers, as well as through Tundra's Lead Customer Model in which we invite innovators in embedded systems design to help define a component before it is released into the market at large. Recent lead customers include Bay Networks, Newbridge Networks and IBM. Address: 603 March Road, Kanata, Ontario, K2K 2M5. Tel: (613) 592-0714 Fax: (613) 592-1320.

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    Unysis is an information Technology solutions provider that has a portfolio of information services, technologies, and third-party alliances needed to help clients capitalize on their information asset to enhance their competitiveness and responsiveness to customers. Unysis expertise is founded on the strengths of three global businesses: Informations Servises, providing consulting, application solutions, systems integration and outsourcing; Computer Systems, providing industry-leading technologies: and global Customer Services, delivering comprehensive services and products supporting distributed computer environments. Address: Unysis Canada Inc. 1420 Blair Place, Suite 300, Gloucester, Ottawa. Tel: (613) 742-3700 Fax: (613) 745-1919.


    Unity Software Systems is a recognized leader in providing object-oriented products and services for business applications. Unity specializes in software components, testing and development solutions for enterprise distributed object systems utilizing Smalltalk and Java, with emphasis on IBM's VirtualAge development environments. Unity's customers can span a broad range of industries including insurance, banking and finance, health care, telecommunications, and government. Unity's innovative software products include SmallCycle, which provides a software distribution, problem management and task-based workflow system all in one. It automatically captures application problems in deployed software, routes them into a problem management system and dynamically applies code patches to the deployed application.


    The Faculty of engineering at the University offers programs of the highest calibre; its curriculum is regularly updates to ensure coverage of fundamentals as well as state-of-the-art subjects. The Faculty promotes close interaction with numerous industries and federal government laboratories, particularly in the Ottawa area. These partnerships enable the Faculty to ensure that its programs prepare students for the latest technological developments. The Faculty also strives to provide a learning environment where all students feel welcome. The Faculty is composed of three deparments offering programs in Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering, as well as the School of Information Technology and Engineering(SITE), which offers programs in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computing Technology, Electrical Engineering, and Software Engineering, the first program of its kind in Canada.


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    The Verrechia Group is a return-on-invesment driven team of public relations and marketing communication professionals focused exclusively on servicing high technology and telecommunication companies. The agency's PR practisioners combine software, hardware and networking industry experience with an instint for IT news , clear messaging and client-service attitude. Our consultants'relationships with the U.S., Canadian and offshore IT industry analysts, reporters, editors and product reviewers assist our clients in gaining valuable mindshare through the media that influence their customers' buying decisions. Phone: (613) 237-2428.


    As an industry leader, Visa plays a pivotal role in developing new payment technologies, regulations and products to benefit its cardholders and merchants. Visa's goal is to make it easy and safe for consumers, merchants and banks to conduct business in the virtual world as it is in the physical world today. As the world's best way to pay, Visa is the preferred payment brand and the largest card payment system worldwide with more than all other payment cards combined. Visa plays a pivotal role in advancing new payment products and technologies to benefit its 21,000 member financial institutions, their cardholders and the global economy. Visa's 642 million cards, generating more than US$1 trillion in annual volume, are accepted at over 15 million worldwide locations, including more than 400,000 ATMs in the Visa Global ATM network.


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    Recruitment: Buy or Build? Finding the right people with the right skills at the right time can be costly, time consuming and critical to the ongoing success of your organization. Effective recruiting is hard work! Don't entrust this important activity just anyone. Ward Assosiates is celebrating our 21st year as a leader in Canada's Information Technologhy abd High-Tech staffing and recruiting industry. With offices in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, Ward Associates provides contract and permanent placement as well as complete outsourcing recruitment solutions that allow you to focus on core busines activities. Improve recruiting effectiveness and management costs -Ask about our MRP Management Recruitment Programs. Tel: (613) 233-9273 Fax: (613) 233-9658.


    Why Interactive is a leader in the development of interactive technology-assisted learning solutions. We provise a stratigic business advantage by developing customized solutions that focus on meeting audience needs and improving human performance. Our Ottawa-based team of instructional designers, multimedia developers, system engineers, project managers, and training consultants produces effective and engaging solution supporting supporting multiple hardware platforms that meet your training needs and business objectives. We know from 15 years of experience what it takes to develop powerful, successful technology-assisted learning solutions, and this knowledge is reflected in the courseware we create. Address: 560 Rochester St. Ottawa, Ontario. K1S 4M2. Tel: (613) 236-0011.


    Manufacturers the InterpriseSITE Suite of Intranet/Web Business Software. The Suite is comprised of ProjectSITE, DocuSITE, HelpSITE, SkillSITE, SaleSITE and PlanSITE products. Each product is designed for a specific work management area within any medium to large organization, from 10 up to 10,000 users. The InterpriseSITE Suite is Browswer-based - no other client-side software is needed therefore PCs, MACs and UNIX & NT workstations can use the software. Server-side software required in Windows NT 4.0 with 3 database options: MS-ACCESS, SQL-SERVER and Oracle8 available. Tel: (613) 727-5662




    Xebec Imaging Services Inc., an ISO 9002 certified company Canada's largest document management services provider helps government and business increase employee productivity, reduce operating expenses and enhance service by providing by providing scanning solutions to digitize paper and film based collections that can be processed, routed and integrated with information on existing computer systems. Xebec solutions enable organizations to leverage key document collections destined for document repositories, including Intranet/Internet and Web-based technologies, to meet the growing demand for distribution of and instantaneous access to information. Xebec has locations in Ottawa, Markham, Montreal and Winnepeg. Tel: (613) 739-9901 or E-mail: ottawa@xebec.ca.


    Xia is an Ottawa Based consulting company that specializes in the design and implementation of Structured Information Systems. Supporting an international client base, Xia helps organizations change inert and disconnected data sources into repositories of structurd information. With a strong background in the SGML and XML standards, Object Oriented Analysis and Design and System lLife-cycle Engineering, Xia can provide practical approches to implementing Stratigic applications in Knowledge Management, Internet Commerce, Publishing, Security and Enterprise Integration. Organizationaly, Xia is unique in its design and offers unparalleaed opportunities for experts working in this field. Tel: (613) 721-9627


    Xwave is one of Canada's largest and fastest growing IT organizations, with more than 2,400 professionals in locations across North America. We offer services in three key areas: Integration, Infrastructure and Fulfillment Solutions. xwave focuses on providing end-to-end solutions from systems integration and software engineering, right through to infrastructure services and product fulfillment. xwave is focused on clients in areas in which it has extensive experience, including energy, telecommunications, e-business and selected areas of the public sector including air traffic management, defence, and public safety. Our revolutionary approach, co-integration(tm), allows xwave to plan, design, build and operate powerful IT solutions that span corporate and operational systems. We have established a strong track record working with clients such as the RCMP, Industry Canada, NAV CANADA, Department of National Defence, Talisman Energy, Aliant Telecom, Memorial University, and NORTEL Networks. xwave is an Aliant company. Aliant is traded on the TSE under the symbol AIT. Tel: (613) 831-0888 Fax: (613) 831-1836 . www.xwave.com


    3Com is a multi-billion offering customers a broad range of data networking solutions that includes routers, hubs, remote access systems, switches, and adapters for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Token Ring, Fiber Distribution Data Interface (FDDI) Assynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), and other high speed networks. Global data networking - linking all the users anywhere - is the vision of the heart of 3Com's efforts. Our overall architecture for realizing this vision is Transcend Networking. Using Transend Networking as the framework, 3Com customers can scale their network's performance, extend its reach and manage its grouth by incorporation new products and technologies, as well as leveraging their existing equipment. With our long-standing commitment to multi-vendor interoperability, 3Com continues to be a leader in defining, shaping and promoting the growth of standards-based networking infrastructures that transmit data to all parts of the world quickly and efficiently.

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