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  1. Frontier Science & Technology Research Foundation
  2. Garp.Com Global Association of Risk Professionals
  3. Gobbledeegook.Com Under Construction
  4. List of Humor sites
  5. Mississippi Mills Ont. Can.
  6. National Computer Systems Inc. NCS
  7. Nora Bank
  8. Orientation Asia
  9. Ottawa OnLine Ventures
  10. The Beat on The Street
  11. Unholy Erection
  12. Mohowk Casino
  13. CTV News Online

  14. Royal Roads
  15. Information Highways
  16. Suite101.Com
  17. Pioneer
  18. Prophecy.Org
  19. Ernest and Young
  20. American Society for Information Science
  21. Journal of Electronic Publishing
  22. Planet IT Storage
  23. California Digital Library
  24. Web Review
  25. Kipinet
  26. Royal LePage Realestate
  27. Spirit Rik Farrow
  28. WAHM Online Magazine for Work at Home Moms
  29. Accoustic Sounds
  30. Hammarlund Model HQ-180AC Communications Receiver (1966)

  31. Painting for the environmentaly conscious
  32. Online Novel: 3D Adventure
  33. Home Depot
  34. Jesus.Com
  35. Lord of Hosts
  36. Love@AOL
  37. www.Hurricane.Com
  38. PEMS Perfect Example Music Sounds Presents
  39. TechWeb
  40. The ~cj097 Morning page
  41. The Attic
  42. Canadopt Homepage
  43. The Wayne Gretzky Collectors' Forum
  44. Links-R-Us
  45. Statistik
  46. Bookmarks for Carol.Perry
  47. Rent A Geek - Main Menu
  48. RealNetworks - The Home of Streaming Media
  50. Greeting Card Links
  51. The Ottawa Automotive Directory - Web Site Categories
  52. Morgana's Observatory: Various Multicultural Prophecies
  53. Project Page
  54. PeopleSoft Canada
  55. Software Design
  56. Stardust Winsock Software Directory
  57. Perceptron
  58. TopTech
    Toptech Systems, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Douglas A. Dunlap and James E. "Jay" Barnhill, the principal partners and co-developers of the TMS5 system. Toptech's corporate headquarters is located in Longwood, Florida US, a beautiful suburb of Orlando. Toptech Systems offers a full line of Terminal Management System software products for effective and efficient terminal automation. In recent years, our products and support services have been carefully evaluated and selected by major oil companies and independent concerns. Toptech is the leading provider of bulk terminal automation and management systems in the U.S. and Canada, having installed more systems than any other vendor in recent years. Since the release of TMS5, over 350 terminal management systems have been installed successfully at a variety of terminals, ranging in size from manual entry sites to a facility with more than 20 loading bays.

  59. Virtual New Zealand
  60. SumoWeb
  61. Daily Yomiuri On-Line
  62. Ice Tourism
  63. Lacure.Com
  64. Salon
  65. Suck.Com
  66. Slate.Com
  67. Sift.Com
  68. Funk and Wagnalls
  69. NetLingo.Com
  70. Canada:Reverse Lookup
  71. Useless Pages on the web
  72. Worlds longest single word domain name The Domain refers to a town in North Wales, and the word means "The church of St. Mary's in the hollow of white hazel trees near the rapid whirlpool by St. Tysilio's of the red cave" in Welsh. ""
  73. The Ban Mapping Project
  74. Report on Solar Energy
  75. UFO Info
  76. Retromags
  77. Boyd Family Cottage
  78. Great Lakes Seaway Info
  79. Hopeful Hearts
  80. Bluenose II - History Under Sail
  81. Invention At Play
  82. Water Calculator
  83. Green Eclips
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